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Library Services

Accessibility and Disability

Disability and Dyslexia Library Support

Queen Mary University Library Services offer a variety of additional services to Queen Mary students who have a disability or other specific need.

Book fetching Service/Proxy book fetching service

Library staff will fetch copies of physical stock for DDS students who are mobility impaired. The fetched items will be stored on the ground floor of ME/WC library and the user notified when they are ready for collection. When someone else other than the student will be collecting the items, this is known as Proxy Fetching. The proxy can be another student, or any non-QM person nominated by the student. 

100% extra time on initial loan

When an item is issued DDS users can request to extend their items for an extra week. They can do this at the Welcome Desk, via email or library chat to extend their items for an extra week. 

Book Scanning Service

Assuming students have exhausted all other options to acquire an accessible copy of item offered by DDS, students can submit a book scan request. Library staff will then scan the chapter and/or book checking that each page is visually accessible and free of annotation. We will then upload the PDF scan to Sensus Access which will make the scan compatible with a wide range of support software. We will then contact the student and send them the pdf version of the book/chapter using the contact information the student has provided. If students require a physical printed version of the book the same protocol will be followed, but the scan will be printed instead of converted to a pdf.

Postal Book Returns Service

Students can contact library staff via and will be provided with a link to enable them to organise the safe collection and return of library books free of charge.

Library Inductions

Bespoke library inductions are available at all sites highlighting the software, hardware and support offered at each library location.

Private Study Carrels

Study carrels are available on the first floor of Mile End Library. Registered eligible students can request a key from library staff at the ground floor Welcome Desk. Please note library staff will retain your QMUL student card whilst you use the study carrel.

To be eligible for these services, Queen Mary students must first register with the College Disability and Dyslexia Service. Contact the Service via:

Disability and Dyslexia Service
Room 3.06, Francis Bancroft Building
Queen Mary, University of London
Mile End Road
E1 4NS

Tel: +44 (0) 20 7882 2756

Queen Mary University Library Services is committed to making its services, spaces and collections equally accessible to all its users, and we liaise with the Disability and Dyslexia Service to ensure that all needs are met as far as possible, and to maintain this service.

If you would like to further discuss your support needs, please contact our team:

Tel: +44 (0) 20 7882 8955

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