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Library Services

Access to The Libraries

Mile End Library

  •  Access to the main entrance of the Library building is via automatic sliding doors.
  • Glass gates through the Library security gates will be opened by Welcome Desk staff.
  • There is lift access to the upper floors. Note that this can not be used when there is a fire alarm, so a personal tour of the library is recommended to point out fire escapes with protected stairwells, where wheelchair users should go in the event of a fire alarm until help comes.
  • Accessible toilets are available on the ground and 1st floor.
  • Access for assistants - if you have a friend or helper who you would like to accompany you into the Library, this is always possible. We can provide your companion with a Library pass.


  • Chairlift in south-west courtyard. Please use the available buzzer and a member of staff will come to assist you.  For further information please call 020 7882 2561
  • Disabled lift between ground and basement levels within library

West Smithfield

  • Chairlift to library entrance
  • External passenger lift available to access disabled toilets on 1st and 2nd floors.  
  • Disabled toilets are also available in the Robin Brook Centre on 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors
  • For further information please call 020 7882 8188
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