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The Autobiography of Constance Maynard was written throughout the period of 1915-1933, and covers her life from 1849-1927. The chapters have been divided in to discrete periods of her life and can be viewed by using the drop down menus below.

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Covers the period 1849-1864; relating to her childhood and home life, through to adolescence and schooling at Belstead.

Covers the period 1865-1872; relating to life at home, her interests, travel, and finally her entrance examination and desire for further education.

Covers the period 1876-1877; her life at home after Girton and her work at Cheltenham Ladies College.

Covers the period 1877-1880, when Constance help set up St Leonards School in St Andrews with fellow Girton alumna, Louisa Lumsden.


Covers the period 1880-1882, when Constance moved to London, studied at The Slade School, plus the planning and preparation work for Westfield College.

Covers the period 1882-1927; Constance Maynard’s role as Mistress of Westfield College, as well as holidays during the vacation periods, and life outside of college. Chapter 52 relates to the adoption of Stephanë Anthon (Effie).

Extracts from HM King's Manuscript

An account of the family of Henry and Lousia Maynard, and their children Constance, George, Henry, Gabrielle, Dora and Josephine. Includes other relatives. Covering 1839-1910.

Part I [PDF 48,785KB]

Parts II and III [PDF 28,921KB]

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