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Constance Maynard

Constance Maynard’s ‘Green Book’ diaries and unpublished autobiography have been digitised, making them available to view online for the first time.

Maynard’s personal writings cover over 40 years of her life. They detail her devout faith and her close friendships, research, teaching and role in the formation and early years of Westfield College.


Read Constance Maynard's Green Book Diaries

Read Constance Maynard's Autobiography



Key dates in Constance Maynard's life
Dates given in the form of the year or month and year, followed by a short statement of the notable event
1872-1875 Studied at Hitchin College (Girton College)
1876 Taught at Cheltenham Ladies College
1877-1880 Helped establish St Leonard’s School, St Andrews
1880 Moved to London and took classes at the Slade School of Art
1882 Became involved in plans for a Christian Women’s College
Oct 1882 First term of the Ladies College at Westfield, Hampstead
1888 Adopted a child, Stephanë Anthon, ‘Effie'
1913 Retired from Westfield College
1919 Death of Effie
1928 Awarded a Masters degree from University of Cambridge
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