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Library Services

Advice and support with referencing at Queen Mary

The Library Services' Teaching and Learning Support Team provides support with referencing in a number of ways.

A student reads a medical textbook


The team runs training sessions on referencing related subjects such as how to reference in specific styles, academic integrity, how to use EndNote etc. You can find information about upcoming workshops and book your place on the Academic Skills Workshops webpage

Additional Support

The Academic Skills Team can help you think about the theory of referencing, why we reference, academic integrity.

The Faculty Liaison Librarian Teams can help you with the practicalities of referencing and using referencing tools such as EndNote


To find out about the support available, and how to access this, visit the Academic Skills Accessing Support webpage

Why can’t we check references for you? 

Although the Library Services’ Teaching and Learning Support Team are there to support you with your referencing, we will NOT do your referencing for you.  This includes checking whether your referencing is ‘correct’ or to giving you the ‘right’ reference for a source you have found. 

This is because marks are often awarded for correct referencing in university work.  If we check your references or provide you with references, that could be deemed an academic offence. 

However, Teaching and Learning Support will always try and give you as much support and advice as we are able. 

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