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School of Law

FAQs for current LLB students

This list of frequently asked questions is for current Queen Mary LLB students only. If you want to study with us or are an applicant, please view our prospective student FAQ page.


Where can I find my exam timetable?

You can find your exam timetable on MySIS, if there are any issues with your exam timetable please contact the Queen Mary Examinations Office:

My grades on QMPlus are different from my grades on Mysis

Please contact the assessment team on and request an administrative check of the relevant mark. You will need to include your student ID and the module code you wish to check.

Where can I find the University’s examination regulations?

Visit the Queen Mary Policy Zone page for more information on all policies.

I have a query about graduation

For any queries relating to graduation, please contact

I am having technical difficulties submitting to QMPlus

Please contact the Digital Learning Team who will be able to assist:

Can the exam timetable change once published?

It is very unlikely but not impossible. The University will only change the timbale after its been published only on rare occasions where it is a necessity. However, it remains students responsibility to always check their timetable.

I need a copy of my transcript and certificate

Please contact the Student Enquiry Centre who can advise you better.

How do I get an extension for an assessment?

Requests for extensions for Formative Assessments should be made direct to your tutor, for Summative Assessments you should make an EC claim.

How can I submit an EC?

To make a claim for extenuating circumstances, students must complete their request via the MySIS student portal, and submit this together with accompanying evidence to the designated member of staff in your school at least three days before the meeting of the extenuating circumstances sub-board for the Subject Examination Board.

Student Support Team

I want to change my programme

You should compete a change of programme form and send this to

How can I change my modules?

You can do so when the term starts in the first two weeks, the student support team will provide more information nearer to the time.

How can I change my tutorials?

Please email outlining which tutorial you would like to change and please state the reason why.

What is a Student Support Officer (SSO)?

Student Support Officers are here to provide advice and guidance on matters outside of your academic needs.

Who is my allocated Student Support Officer (SSO)?

You can find this information on MySIS.

How can I book a 1:1 with a Student Support Officer (SSO)?

You can book an appointment using the Law Student Support Team's calendar.

What shall I do if I miss a tutorial?

Please contact your module tutor with an explanation. If you are aware in advance that you are unable to attend, please make your tutor aware immediately.

If you miss two consecutive tutorials in a module, or have a pattern of absences in a module, this will be seen as a significant problem. You will receive an email and asked to discuss your problem. If you do not respond, this will be escalated. 

Can I join a different tutorial as a one off?

No this is not possible. If you miss a tutorial or are aware you are unable to attend, please make contact your tutor with an explanation.

Quality Assurance

How can I provide formal feedback to my course?

You can provide formal feedback for your course via module evaluations in weeks 9 and 10 of semester A and B.

Information will be provided to students near to the time.

How can I promote my society events or ambassador information?

Please contact the interlaw.council: They release weekly newsletters.

General enquiries

How do I book an appointment with the Careers team?

Please email Afua Kudom, the Law Careers Consultant:

Where is the Student Handbook?

You can find the student handbook on QMplus within the UG Law Student Area.

I have a query about my fees

Please contact the Fees Team:

Bar applications

Fill out the application form, scan this and send a copy to the student. Address this to the address listed on the form. On the front of the letter write 'DHL: your full name, email address (Law Department)' and put an airmail stamp on the front and a Queen Mary stamp on the back of the letter. Then leave in outgoing post to be collected by the postman.

I have an admissions query

For queries related to admissions, please email the Undergraduate Law Admissions Manager:

I have a query about graduation

For any queries relating to graduation, please contact

Letter request from student regarding the law content of their joint degree

Joint degrees starting with Law feature law as the primary subject. For example, Law and Politics contains two thirds Law and one third of the other subject.

Student status letter

You can access your student status letter request via the Student Status Letter webpage.

Where can I find the module directory?

You can find the module directory on QMplus within the Undergraduate Law Student Area.

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