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School of Law

LAW6159 Labour Law: Contract Law, Dismissal Rights and Workplace Justice

Students will learn about the essential building blocks of UK labour law in the law of the contract of employment, the right not to be unfairly dismissed and the employment tribunal system. The evolution in recent decades of law, practice and ideology relevant to the regulation of working life will be studied, with particular emphasis on whether current approaches are working to deliver justice in working lives. 

The module will provide opportunities for students to develop their awareness of, and capacity to deploy, different methodological approaches to law and legal phenomena, and to enhance their analytical and evaluative capacity. There will be an emphasis on combining internal legal doctrinal scholarship with the wider theoretical and empirical investigation of law, legal process and policy relevant to the workplace.

Assessment will be based on group presentations and a research essay, both on assigned questions.

Method of assessment

  • 75% research essay (5000 words)
  • 25% oral presentation

(Please note: there is a different form of assessment for associate students. The assessment method is under review)

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