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Juan Sebastian Gomez Alvarez, Insurance Law LLM (2023)

"Studying insurance & reinsurance law at Queen Mary, in the heart of London, was an easy decision to take as it has a unique tailor-made LLM program."


Year of graduation: 2023
Name of programme: Insurance Law LLM
Country: Colombia

What influenced your decision to choose a LLM at Queen Mary?

“This has only been made possible by the insurers. (…). They are the ones who really built this city. With no insurance, there would be no skyscrapers. No investor would finance buildings that one cigarette butt could burn to the ground”. These words expressed by Henry Ford about the Manhattan Skyline highlighted the importance of the insurance industry’s role in the development of civilization. Also, they make clear why it is worth it to be passionate about this area of law.  

For me, insurance contracts have been humanity’s eternal allies, considering risks do not distinguish among periods of time, cultures, activities, or territorial borders per their random, unpredictable, and unavoidable nature. What is more, the insurance industry is one of public interest and global scope that plays an indispensable role in the economy. Hence, studying insurance & reinsurance law at Queen Mary, in the heart of London, was an easy decision to take as it has a unique tailor-made LLM program, and becoming a Magister in this area of law is a major goal indeed, which I will hopefully accomplish by the end of 2023.  

How did you find the teaching and learning?

So far, I have enjoyed the teaching. The program is taught by experienced lecturers, who aim to teach both British and international students, about insurance law in England and the EU. Likewise, the learning is superior because major forward-looking hot topics are covered, without leaving aside the general conservative principles of insurance law. As a case in point, there is an important focus on sustainability, which is a topic that has been profoundly addressed by UK and EU insurers and supervisors, and although it has not yet been addressed around the world, it is likely to have critical impacts on the sector.  According to Thomas Buberl, the CEO of AXA, “more than four degrees Celsius of warming this century would make the world uninsurable”.  

What piece of insight or advice would you offer for future students?

All in all, if you are interested in insurance law, meeting friends from around the world in a multicultural space and looking forward to practising your English in the city of London, without a doubt this master’s suits you. Nonetheless, be prepared to read, study, and discuss with several real estate agents, as the market is tough.  

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