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School of Law

London Arts & Humanities Partnership (LAHP) Studentship

About the award

  • The London Arts & Humanities Partnership (LAHP) is offering a number of Studentships for the next academic year (2021-22) and applicants to the Queen Mary School of Law PhD programme are eligible to apply for these awards.
  • The Studentship comprises a full fee waiver at Home/EU rates and an annual stipend of around £17,000 per year.
  • The selection process will take place in early 2021 following the deadlines in January/February, and candidates will have the selection decision confirmed in April 2021. Selection is made via a competitive process, with candidates from the Queen Mary doctoral programme competing with applicants from the various other institutes linked to the LAHP scheme.

Deadlines and the application process

LAHP requirements are that applicants must have completed and submitted their main Queen Mary PhD application (and all required supporting documents) by 5pm 5 February 2021. As applicants must have a primary supervisor organised by the time of the funding deadline, we recommend that they submit a PhD application to the School of Law as the first step of the application process. Once this has been submitted then the School of Law can appoint a supervisor with relevant expertise as part of our application review process. Applicants should only then prepare and submit their LAHP application form and Supervisor Statement form once they have spoken to their appointed supervisor. However, if the deadline is approaching and applicants haven’t submitted a main PhD application, the School advises that applicants should both organise submission of their PhD and LAHP applications simultaneously – meaning they should arrange supervision directly with a supervisor.

Queen Mary uses an online application system. View the Queen Mary law PhD programme page for information on how to apply, what our entry requirements are, what documentation is required, and for a link to the online application system.

Applicants should indicate in the appropriate section on the Queen Mary PhD online application form that they wish to be considered for LAHP Studentship funding. In this section, in response to the question - ‘How do you intend to finance your studies at Queen Mary?’ there is a drop-down list of options provided. Please select the “I will be applying for a scholarship/grant” option. Then, specifically, in response to the following question – ‘Please give details of any scholarships or grants, including Queen Mary Studentships, you are applying for or have already secured’, you should indicate you wish to apply for a ‘LAHP Studentship’ specifically. 

The LAHP funding application form can be found here.

Finally, applicants are responsible for ensuring their proposed doctoral supervisor has completed and submitted the ‘LAHP Supervisor Statement Form’ document prior to the Friday, 5 February 2021 deadline.

Important - The main LAHP application form can only be submitted once the Supervisors Statement has been submitted by the first supervisor named on your LAHP application form.  You must let your first named supervisor know that you will be notifying them via the LAHP online application portal. This notification will include a link for your supervisor to submit their statement as part of your application to LAHP.  You will not be able to submit your application without the Supervisor statement having already been submitted. Please see the ‘Contacting Supervisors’ section below for more information.

The LAHP webpage mentioned above also includes a blank PDF version of the application form that applicants can print off to practice completing and drafting their answers. Please note, this isn’t the actual application form - that can only be completed via the online portal given above.

The LAHP application form

Please note, the LAHP application form requires applicants to submit specific information about their proposed research. This information is therefore in addition to that, such as the Research Proposal, provided as part of the main Queen Mary PhD application form and supporting documentation.


School of Law PhD programme entry requirements

Applicants are expected to meet the entry requirements of the Queen Mary School of Law PhD programme – these require applicants to gain a ‘Pass with Distinction’ on an LLM or equivalent post-graduate qualification in Law, such as an MA. For degrees taken outside of the UK, the applicant must obtain the grade equivalent to a UK ‘Pass with Distinction’. For applicants from non-English speaking countries, proof of English language competency may be required. While these requirements are higher than the general requirements the LAHP has, applicants should note that the higher requirements of the School of Law’s PhD programme take precedence.

Residency Requirements

To be eligible for a full award (including a fee waiver and a stipend), you must:

  • Be a UK national (meeting residency requirements), or
  • Have settled status, or
  • Have pre-settled status (meeting residency requirements), or
  • Have indefinite leave to remain or enter

The School of Law is also able to offer LAHP funding to a limited number of International Students.

LAHP Black and Global Majority studentships

LAHP will be funding a minimum number of studentships to UK Black and Global Majority students in its open studentship competition for entry in October 2021. Further details will be available on the LAHP webpages shortly.

Area of research

Your proposed topic of research, as outlined in your research proposal submitted with your main application, must be within the subject areas covered by the AHRC

The School of Law would generally come under the area of ‘Law and Legal Studies’ as the AHRC defines it, which incorporates the following specific areas of legal research:

  • Jurisprudence/Philosophy of Law
  • Human Rights
  • Criminal Law and Criminology
  • International Law
  • EU Law
  • Public Law
  • Comparative Law
  • Common Law, including Commercial Law
  • Law Regulated by Statute
  • Law Relating to Property
  • Legal History

Contacting supervisors – Completing the ‘LAHP Supervisor Statement Form’

*Important Note*

  • If a PhD application from an LAHP applicant is received early enough, we will try to appoint a supervisor as part of our PhD application review process. If an application is successful, once we have appointed a staff member as an applicant’s primary supervisor, we will confirm this to the applicant. At that point applicants should contact their proposed supervisor directly to work on the main LAHP application form with them. However, if the LAHP deadline is approaching, applicants must directly approach academic staff at Queen Mary (who must be full-time, permanent staff members at the School of Law – Visiting Scholars cannot supervise), and organise completion of the Supervisor Statement form directly with that staff member.
  • Without submission of this ‘LAHP Supervisor Statement Form’ prior to the 5 February 2021 deadline, the funding application cannot be submitted or considered.
  • Current First year PhD students should arrange for their current primary supervisor to provide this Statement of Support
  • Please note, in addition, you will be required to name a 2nd supervisor on your LAHP application form as well.


  • The award is open both to applicants wishing to commence their doctoral studies in September 2021, and to existing first year PhD students, who wish to apply for funding in their 2nd and 3rd year of study – applicants must have at least 50% of their doctorate to complete to be eligible.
  • The award is open to applicant’s wishing to study on either a part-time or full-time basis (although the School of Law would prefer applications for full-time study). In both cases, a fee waiver is provided – for part-time students, the stipend is provided on a pro-rata basis. 
  • For information about the LAHP scheme’s own eligibility criteria, please see their webpage.


  • For further information about how to apply for the LAHP award, and to download the appropriate application form visit the LAHP application page.
  • For any queries relating to eligibility for the funding scheme, please contact
  • If you require any further information about applying to the PhD programmes, please contact the Admissions Administrator, Mr Gareth Skehan by email on