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Kalisher Trust - Department of Law LLM in Criminal Justice Law Scholarship

The Kalisher Trust and the Department of Law are pleased to offer one full tuition fee scholarship, and living expenses stipend of £4,000 for the 2019 intake, for home status students wishing to follow the LLM in Criminal Justice Programme.

About the Kalisher Trust

The mission of the Kalisher Trust is to encourage and support talented students who may find the costs of reaching the Criminal Bar prohibitive. The Trust seeks talent irrespective of background and since its inception in 1996 it has helped hundreds of young people, from primary school children to young barristers, as they work towards success in this most demanding profession.

The Kalisher Trust is offering a bursary of £4,000 for UK residents applying for the Criminal Law LLM commencing in October 2019. In addition QMUL will provide the successful candidate a full tuition fee waiver.

As well as meeting the high academic standards of the course, candidates for the bursary must meet the Kalisher Trust's objectives of furthering access to the Criminal Bar for students who demonstrate exceptional promise but modest means. 

Who is eligible to apply for this scholarship?

  • LLM in Criminal Justice Law (full time) offer holders (either conditional or unconditional) who have submitted their FULL LLM application by the 4 June 2019.
  • Home status students who have studied at Undergraduate level and who are or were in receipt of a bursary.

What does this scholarship cover and how is it paid?

This scholarship will cover full tuition fee costs and contribute £4,000 towards living expenses for the 2019/20 academic year.

The £4,000 living expenses will be paid in one instalment in semester 1 after completing full enrolment, attending inductions and selecting modules.

Closing dates and important notes

You MUST apply for the LLM in Criminal Justice Law in London before applying for the Kalisher Trust scholarship – your application ID number is a requirement.

You must have applied for the LLM in Criminal Justice Law programme by 4 June 2019 to then be eligible to apply for the scholarship.

The online form must be completed and submitted with relevant documentation (detailed below) no later than 23:59h BST on 2 July 2019

  • Any student who has applied for the LLM in Criminal Justice Law Programme by 4 June 2019 and has not received an LLM offer of study by 25 June 2019 should contact (not the admissions team) and quote the date of application and their application number in order for us to look into this.
  • A copy of your CV.
  • 1000 word (maximum) statement in response to the following;
    ‘Please explain the reasons why you are interested in Criminal Justice Law, what you will bring to the programme and why you feel you should be awarded a scholarship; focusing on your academic and professional achievements (if relevant) and financial need.’
  • A full transcript of your grades: Undergraduate/Bachelors level/first degree level and Postgraduate/Masters (if applicable).
  • 1 x Reference letter (This can be a copy of the reference submitted as part of your LLM application or, if not available to you, you must obtain a reference specifically for this scholarship application). Please do not submit more than one reference letter.

How to apply

Please see Closing Dates and important notes.

In order to apply for this scholarship please complete and sign the online application form, and attach the following documents (as ONE COMBINED PDF DOCUMENT):

Upon submission of your scholarship application you will be re-directed to a page which will state ‘Your response has been recorded’. There is no need to contact us to request further confirmation so please do not do so.

Incomplete, incorrect or late scholarship applications will NOT be accepted or processed.

All applications will be reviewed by a Panel of representatives from the Department of Law and the Kalisher Trust.

All applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application around the end of

Please note that it is not usually permissible for Kalisher Trust scholarships to be deferred.

What are scholarship winners required to do?

The successful candidate is required to put together a two A4- page report for the Donor at the end of the academic year. The report should outline the progress and content of the Scholar’s practice, how he/she benefitted from the Bursary.

The successful candidate may be asked to assist with QMUL marketing events such as postgraduate open evenings and/or web/video student profiles; as well as supporting QMUL School of Law in promoting the scholarship (e.g. through interviews, photos and presence at events).

Please note School scholarships are also subject to university-wide Terms and Conditions as well as any course/School/Faculty conditions or criteria outline.