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Online Learning Pre-Sessional Module on Legal Systems, Research Skills and Writing for IT Law

This pre-sessional law will enable non-law graduates to gain the legal methods, research and writing skills necessary for study on the:

If you do not have a law degree or legal experience, but have a degree in a subject area related to Technology, Media and Telecommunications Law, such as business, marketing, IT or media studies.

This module is subject to the number of applicants and after the agreement with the Academic Programme director.

What you'll learn

This module will:

  • Provide you with a solid foundation in legal writing, research skills, and legal systems
  • Introduce you to leading academics and notable practitioners
  • Enable you to access and understand legal resource and apply all of this knowledge to the Technology, Media and Telecommunications Law programme


This module will cover:

  • Legal Systems (national law, EU law, international law; public-private law; common-civil law; law-making; layers and hierarchies of law).
  • Legal Sources (such as different types of legislation and case-law; how to read a case; the system of precedents in the common law).
  • Legal Research Skills (where and how to find legal sources; primary and secondary sources; how to use legal sources in an argument; how to quote legal resources in a dissertation).
  • Legal Writing (how to construct a legal argument; how to carry out an in-depth legal argument; definitions and concepts; how to interpret the law).


  • Four essays (25% each)

Entry requirements

Upper second class degree in IT related fields including business, media and engineering.

This pre-sessional module on Legal Systems, Research Skills and Writing for IT Law for non-law graduates is for those who are applying for the Distance Learning programmes: Postgraduate Certificate/Diploma/LLM in Technology, Media and Telecommunications Law (Distance Learning).

Applicants should apply for one of the above programmes, if you do not meet the entry requirements for that programme you will be considered for the Pre-sessional Legal Systems, Research Skills and Writing for IT Law, with a conditional offer made for the Certificate programme.

Applicants that commence on the Pre-sessional Legal Systems, Research Skills and Writing for IT Law will be made a conditional offer for the Certificate programme commencing May and are advised to make a gradual progression to their desired programme Diploma or LLM. On the Certificate programme you will be required to take the core module Legal Principles and Concepts in Technology, Media and Telecommunications Law plus a further three modules of your choice.

How to Apply

To request more information, contact

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