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SOLM287 The EU and international law: EU external economic relations

Module description

This course focuses on the relations of the EU with other countries, focusing on particular on international economic relations. It discusses a vital component of the European edifice, that is the international economic agreements the EU concluded in the framework of EU external relations law.

The EU is an active player globally and participates in manifold international agreements. Trade and Investment policy has always been one of the most important areas where the EU has been active in relations with third countries. After the entry into force of the Lisbon Treaty, the EU has acquired the much-needed and long-awaited institutional and substantive instruments to implement a comprehensive, consistent and effective external action in this field. The module provides a thorough analysis of the relevant legal framework and offers a critical review of its efficacy. It deals with the basic constitutional foundations of EU External Relations law and engages in a detailed analysis of the EU’s substantive policy on international economic matters.

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15 Credits

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