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SOLM151 Public International and European Air Transport Law

Module Description

The module examines the regulation of international civil aviation from its birth to date. It focuses on the economic regulation of the sector based on bilateral air services agreements between sovereign States and the global efforts for the liberalisation of the sector. It further looks at the implications of the restrictive regulation of the sector for the airline industry, focusing especially on the formation of airline alliances in lieu of cross-border mergers. Special emphasis is laid on the application of State aid law to the airline and airport sector, as well as on the law governing the provision of public services. Through a number of recent case studies, the module tackles the issues of (zero) flags of convenience in aviation; sixth freedom carriers and whether they distort the level playing field; the implications of Covid-19 for aviation; and, national security and defence. Last, the module examines the basket of measures in place to address the contribution of aviation to climate change. 

Applicable Groupings


30 Credits

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