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School of Law

SOLM113 Conduct of Hostilities in International Law

Module Description

This module is concerned with the rules of international law that govern  the conduct of military operations in situations of armed conflict.  Since these rules are largely intended for the protection of the civilian population, they apply irrespective of the legality or illegality of war. In the literature, the issues studied  in this module are variously referred to as humanitarian law, jus in bello, or the law of war. The module will examine the core principles of humanitarian law , in particular, the centrality of the principle of distinction between civilians and combatants; rules for assessing the proportionality of military operations and their impact on targeting decisions; means and methods of warfare including the prohibition of weapons of mass destruction. The module will also consider the law applicable to situations of military occupation  in light of the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories. 

Applicable Groupings


15 Credits

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