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School of Law

SOLM070 International Human Rights Law: Law, Practice and Institutions

Module Description

This course explores the institutional and legal foundations of the post-WW2 framework for international human rights law protection, as well as a number of key rights and topics in contemporary international human rights law and practice. The first part examines the core institutions and legal regimes that together constitute the core of international human rights law. The second part of the course 'samples' a number of substantive rights, such as the right to life, the prohibition on torture and inhuman and degrading treatment, or the right to housing. It also explores the international human rights regimes from the perspective of different subjects or groups, such as women and labour, paying particular regard to the possibilities and limitations of human rights as an truly universal and emancipatory project.


Part I  Institutional and Legal Foundations

Week 1: Institutions

International Systems of Human Rights
Regional Systems of Human Rights

Week 2 Typologies of Rights and Obligations

Week 3 Legal Regime

Scope of Application I: Extra-Territoriality
Scope of Application II: War and Emergencies

Part II Rights and Subjects

Week 5: Life and Death

Week 6: Body and Soul

Week 7: Housing and Shelter

Week 8: Work and Labor

Week 10: Women and Violence

Applicable Groupings


30 Credits

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