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School of Law

SOLM035 EU Trade Law

Module Description

This module is concerned with the legal framework for cross-border trade in the European Union.

The module provides an in-depth study of the economic and commercial aspects of the 'four freedoms' (free movement of goods, services, establishment and capital) in the EU single market and discusses the various approaches to regulating the single market adopted by EU institutions.


Week 1: the concept of the Single Market - Market integration in the EU vs other forms of international trade liberalisation
Week2: Non-tariff barriers: non-discrimination and market access
Week 3: Locating and relocating in another EU Member State - freedom of establishment and freedom to provide services for companies – regulatory competition
Week 4: Tariff and fiscal barriers to free movement - Free movement of capital
Week 5: Regulating the Single Market: harmonisation policy - governance of the Single Market

Applicable Groupings


15 Credits

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