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School of Law

SOLM019 International Commercial Law

Module Description

The module covers the fundamental characteristics of international contracts for the sale of goods and to a lesser extent, the key ancillary contracts for the financing of trading activities, transportation of goods to their place of destination and insurance of the cargo. When traders sell or buy goods or commodities on the international markets, that transaction is composed of several contracts: the goods are sold under a contract of sale, transported under a contract of carriage, insured under a contract of insurance and frequently have payment assured through a letter of credit.  The purpose of this module is to examine primarily the regulation of the sale contract under CISG, English Sales law and other international law instruments and standards. The regulation of peripheral contracts to the contract of sale will be examined too but in less detail as this is now considered in depth by more focused specific modules (e.g., on the shipping of goods, marine insurance etc).  The module will also place emphasis on the practical problems, which arise in the international commercial arena and consider ways in which these may be addressed in the future.

Applicable Groupings


30 Credits

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