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School of Law

Professor Guido Westkamp, Dr jur. (Münster), LLM Intellectual Property (London), First and Second German State Examination (Münster/Düsseldorf)


Professor of Intellectual Property and Comparative Law

Telephone: +44 (0)20 7882 8096


Guido Westkamp is Professor of Intellectual Property and Comparative Law and course director for the University of London LLM courses "Intellectual Property in the Digital Millennium", 'Intellectual Property Transactions' and 'Intellectual Property in the Creative Industries'. He is also the academic director for the MSc in Intellectual Property Management and course director for the MSc Copyright and Designs course. He further coordinates the European Intellectual Property Institutions Network (EIPIN) at CCLS.

Guido Westkamp studied Law at the Universities of Münster/Germany (1992-1997) and London (QM) (1994-95), and English and Russian Languages in Berlin (1991-1992) and Münster (1992-94). He is a qualified German attorney and previously worked for international firms in IT/IP law. First German State Examination Hamm 1997; Second German State Examination Düsseldorf 2000; LLM Intellectual Property (London) 2001; Dr. jur. (Münster) 2002 (scl); Certificate in English Law (Münster) 1997; Intermediate Examination, English Philology (Münster) 1993.

Visiting positions include posts at the Universities of Münster (Germany), Alicante (Spain), Hong Kong, TU Dresden (Germany), Wroclaw (Poland) and Skopje (Macedonia). His work includes pre-accession consultancy on Intellectual Property law in new EU member states, management of EU funded projects and professional training in Intellectual Property. He was also involved in the evaluation of the Directive on Copyright in the information society (EC Commission) and is a frequent speaker at international conferences and workshops.

Guido held a generous grant from the Westfield Trust to conduct a research project on the implications of human rights on copyright law (2008-2010).

Postgraduate Teaching

  • QLLM042 Intellectual Property in the Digital Millennium
  • QLLM066 Intellectual Property Transactions
  • QLLM095 Intellectual Property in the Creative Industries


Copyright and Author's Right Systems and their Harmonisation; IP in Digital Technology; Boundaries and Overlaps of Information Protection; Database and Software Protection; Technological Measures; IP Licensing; Conflict of Laws in IP; European Competition Law and IP; Emerging Human Rights Issues in Copyright and Related Rights; Comparative Media Law (Press and Broadcasting Law, Personality Rights); Trade Mark and Unfair Competition Law; Design Law.



Commissioned Studies

Chapters and Journal Articles

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Public Engagement

Professor Guido Westkamp will, from 2013, participate as an expert on European copyright law in a project concerning the “Assessment of the impact of the European copyright framework on digitally-supported education and training practices”, funded by the European Commission, DG Media and Culture.

Professor Guido Westkamp is further part of a multi-institutional project -“Enhancing Intellectual Property Capacities for Agricultural Development - IP4Growth”, co-financed by the European Commission through the ACP Edulink programme. The program aims to provide assistance to beneficiary universities in Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast and Senegal in order to contribute to the agricultural and socio-economic development in West African countries and to strengthen their competences in Intellectual Property (IP) management.

In 2013-2014, Prof Westkamp further took part in a multi-disciplinary research project on film literacy, commissioned by the European Commission (DG Media and Culture), where he was in charge of issues concerning the use of films for educational purposes under European copyright laws. He further participated in a research project addressing questions of collective licensing of music for digital uses, commissioned by the Austrian Internet Service Providers Association.

He further sits on the advisory board for the European Commission’s General Directorate for Research and Innovation stakeholder forum as part of the study “Innovation Union Commitment 21 on Knowledge Transfer”.

Professor Westkamp is a member of the Queen Mary Intellectual Property Research Institute.

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