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Queen Mary Insurance Law LLM students visit Lloyd's of London

On March 21, 2024, the LLM students from the Insurance Law and Shipping Law programmes had the opportunity to visit the Lloyd’s of London building, guided by a representative from the Lloyd’s Market Association.

Queen Mary Insurance Law LLM students inside Lloyd's of London. Is is a multi-story office space with central escalators lit in yellow.

The visit comprised a tour of the most notable spaces of the building, including the Old Library, the Underwriting Room, and the Adam Room, and short lectures on the history and operations of one of the most important insurance markets in the world. There was also a brief discussion on corporate structures, technological transformation of the market, requisites for members and their operations, and an opportunity for students to ask about professional paths and opportunities, recruitment processes and tips, and skills required to have a career in insurance.

The experience allowed students to grasp the ways experts assess risk, share information, and exercise judgement; appreciate the role of technology and innovation; and reflect upon the relevance and dynamics of personal relations within the insurance industry.

The activity was organised by Dr Franziska Arnold-Dwyer, Director of the Insurance, Shipping and Aviation Law Institute and Director of the Insurance Law LLM, and Raymond Koh of the Lloyd’s Market Association.

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