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‘Insurance, Climate Change and the Law’: New book from Queen Mary academic, explores the insurance industry's role in climate action

Queen Mary University of London academic Franziska Arnold-Dwyer is set to release her latest book titled "Insurance, Climate Change and the Law". This timely publication delves into the pivotal role of the insurance industry in addressing the challenges posed by climate change.

Insurance, Climate Change and the Law cover on a pastel orange and red table cloth.

In recent years, the insurance sector has found itself on the frontline of climate change, bearing witness to increased frequency and severity of climate-related losses including property damage from windstorms, flooding, and wildfires. Additionally, as major institutional investors, insurance companies face the task of managing assets vulnerable to climate risks.

‘Insurance, Climate Change and the Law’ sheds light on the evolving legal and regulatory landscape surrounding climate change risks. While much attention has been given to managing and reporting on inward impacts on insurers' balance sheets, the book argues for a paradigm shift towards considering the positive outward impact the insurance industry can make.

Dr Franziska Arnold-Dwyer, Senior Lecturer in Insurance Law, Contract Law and Sustainability at Queen Mary, proposes a new vision for the role of insurers as climate action enablers, advocating for initiatives such as 'impact underwriting' and 'impact investment.' By facilitating a transition to a Net Zero economy, insurers can support policyholders and other stakeholders in achieving national and international climate goals outlined in the Paris Agreement.

The book caters to a diverse audience including legal practitioners, insurance industry professionals, financial and insurance regulators, policymakers, and academics interested in climate law and policy. It offers innovative insights and actionable proposals for creating a legal environment conducive to positive climate action within the insurance sector.

"I am thrilled to share this research which highlights the potential for insurers to drive positive change in the face of climate crisis," says Franziska Arnold-Dwyer. "By harnessing the power of impact underwriting and investment, the insurance industry can play a pivotal role in building a more resilient and sustainable future."

"Insurance, Climate Change and the Law" is poised to become an essential resource for navigating the complex intersection of insurance, climate change, and legal frameworks.

‘Insurance, Climate Change and the Law’ is available for pre-order, and is available in hardback and eBook from publisher Routledge. Order your copy and get a 20% discount with promo code SMA22.



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