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School of Law

Professor Fitzmaurice takes part in L’Institut de Droit International 150 anniversary

Professor Malgosia Fitzmaurice returns from a special 150 anniversary of L’Institut de Droit International, held in Angers between 27 August - 2 September 2023.

Boats on the river in Angers, France.

Professor Fitzmaurice is a full member of the organisation and a Co-Rapporteur of one of its Commissions on the Status of Conferences of the Parties.

The Institute was established in 1873 in Ghent, Belgium to support peace and justice in the world. Its motto is Justitia et Pace. In 1904, it was awarded the Noble Price for Peace. The Institute’s publications are indispensable reference for research and practice of international law. Its members come from 0ver 60 countries and are among the most eminent specialists in public and private international law.



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