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Israel-Gaza: Genocidal rhetoric and the fog of war

Professor Neve Gordon speaks to Al Jazeera, IMPRESA, and BBC Sounds about the media and political leaders' responses to the Israel-Gaza war, and his work on human shields.

Israeli tank in the desert

Neve Gordon, Professor of International Law and Human Rights at Queen Mary University, was interviewed by Al Jazeera at how the media are responding in Israel and beyond.
"We're all subject to this fake news that's going around, and we have to be very careful but when the leader of the most powerful country in the world says it, it's much more problematic."

Professor Neve Gordon was also interviewed by IMPRESA and says statements and actions by the United States and some European countries are legitimising Israel to continue its attack on civilians in Gaza. "Instead of calling for an end to violence, Europe pushes Israel to continue."
Professor Neve was also interviewed by BBC Sounds (43:30) on the distinction between voluntary and involuntary human shields. He also discussed his book, Human Shields, the first ever book on the topic.



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