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School of Law

Queen Mary School of Law Academic accredited as an official Electoral Observer by the UK Electoral Commission

Dr Caroline Morris was accredited ahead of local elections and the London Mayoral elections taking place in the UK on 6 May.

Director: Dr Caroline Morris

What do Electoral Observers do?

Observers accredited by the Commission are entitled to observe:

  • the issue and receipt of postal ballot papers
  • the poll
  • the verification and counting of the votes.

Individual observers accredited by the Commission are also entitled to attend the count at a recall petition.

Observers can provide feedback, both to the Commission and to the election staff where they observe.

About Dr Caroline Morris

Dr Caroline Morris is a Reader in Public Law at Queen Mary University of London and has extensive experience in electoral law. She is the author of Parliamentary Elections Representation and the Law (Hart, Oxford, 2012) as well as many articles on aspects of election law including anti-party defection laws, party political tv debates litigation, electoral system reform, regulating misconduct of Members of Parliament, election petitions, candidate selection litigation, and eligibility and expulsion of Members of Parliament. In addition, she has acted as a consultant lawyer for the UK Electoral Commission between 2008-2016, served as a member of the Law Commission's Expert Advisory Group on Electoral law reform and worked as an Advisor to the New Zealand Mixed Member Proportional (MMP) Review select committee.



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