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Queen Mary academics comment on the protests in Myanmar following a military coup

Dr Ronan Lee was featured in the Daily Mail and Professor Penny Green in Italian news outlet, il Giornale.

Myanmar flag blowing in the wind

Hundreds of people have been arrested in the weeks since Myanmar´s military coup, leading human rights groups and experts to fear a sizable expansion in the number of political prisoners in the country. Many of those arrested were charged using a legacy of laws. Dr Ronan Lee, a Visiting Scholar at Queen Mary’s International State Crime Initiative said: "The National League for Democracy was comfortable leaving repressive laws on the books because in some instances they felt they might be able to take advantage of those laws themselves. It is now clear that some of those laws are now going to be weaponized against democracy campaigners in a way that maybe the National League for Democracy didn´t foresee."

Read the full story in The Daily Mail.

Professor Penny Green, Head of Queen Mary’s Department of Law was also featured on the Italian news outlet il Giornale, on the Myanmar protests against the military regime.



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