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School of Law

Queen Mary University of London supports Future Leaders Programme to inspire the young minds of tomorrow

The School of Law at Queen Mary has been working with The Future Leaders Programme to host a series of workshops designed to develop young people’s leadership skills and inspire them to make informed decisions about their future by giving them access to new opportunities. 

Students on the Future Leadership Programme visiting the Pathology Museum at Queen Mary

Students on the Future Leadership Programme visiting the Pathology Museum at Queen Mary

Last week, students visited Queen Mary’s Pathology Museum, which is home to many weird and wonderful specimens including John Bellingham’s skull who, in 1812, assassinated the British Prime Minister Spencer Perceval. This visit highlighted the link between medicine and law, as well as showcase the rich and interesting history of Queen Mary in London’s East End.

One student said: “The museum part was really interesting, and the session with Professor Alan was really interactive and made us feel more comfortable with each other. I really enjoyed learning more about equality as well”. Another said, “It was a once in a lifetime experience to see artefacts related to medicine 19th century onwards. It showed us the history of pathology and seeing the effect injuries have on the body.”

The Future Leaders Programme works with young people giving them social and cultural opportunities that may not otherwise have. The 20 week programme aims to develop the skills and confidence of young people so they may go on to secure places at leading universities such as Queen Mary. As part of the programme students learn about the Fundamental British Values and how they can lead social change to make a positive difference in their local communities, particularly helping those that may be vulnerable.

Faheem Khan, Founding CEO for the Future Leaders Programme, said:

"The Pathology Museum at Queen Mary was an engaging and informative experience which captivated the young people and they were buzzing with excitement! The combination of the history of medicine, the East End of London, and social change was simply fascinating. The bodies from the Battle of Hastings and John Bellingham’s skull were particular highlights. The physical building is also a sight to be thoroughly enjoyed. Our young people loved visiting the pathology museum at Queen Mary and we would certainly encourage others do the same.”

Dr Alan Dignam, Professor of Corporate Law and Academic Lead for the initiative, said:

“The Future Leaders Programme gives young people the opportunity to engage with important concepts such as the Law and Equality in a meaningful and reflective way, so they have a true understanding of where these concepts originate from and why they continue to be so important in our society today. We would certainly welcome engaged and motivated young people such as this to Queen Mary University.  It was an absolute pleasure working with the Future Leaders Programme.”

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