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Professor Neve Gordon discusses the banned documentary film on the 'anti-Semitism in Labour debate' for Al Jazeera


Professor Neve Gordon published an article for Al Jazeera where he discusses why a documentary film on the 'anti-Semitism in Labour debate' was banned from being screened at the British parliament. He writes: “Perhaps the greatest irony regarding those who demanded that Williamson cancel the screening of Witch Hunt at Westminster is that their position is in direct opposition to the Jewish tradition and, indeed, to the great Jewish prophets - people like Amos, Jeremiah and Elisha - who were extremely critical of the people of Israel. The frightening reality is that if these prophets were living in Britain today and were to reiterate words enshrined in the Bible, they, too, would be branded anti-Semites.” Read the whole piece on Al Jazeera's website.



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