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School of Law

Professor Sionaidh Douglas-Scott writes on the UK EU Withdrawal Act for Prospect Magazine


Professor Sionaidh Douglas-Scott from Queen Mary's School of Law wrote an opinion piece for Prospect Magazine in which she wrote about the UK Supreme Court decision on the legality of the Scottish Continuity Bill adopted by the Scottish parliament back in March, and its compatibility with the UK EU Withdrawal Act (EUWA) which became law in June 2018. 

Professor Douglas-Scott argues that devolved authorities feel their interests have not been taken seriously. In the EU referendum, the UK as whole voted Leave. However, the vote was split by many things, including geographical location and cultural background. Sixty-two per cent of Scotland’s voting electorate voted Remain, and the Scottish government remains opposed to Brexit. Yet, unlike federal states, devolved nations have no legal means of ensuring their different perspectives and needs are taken into account. The United Kingdom is a 'disunited kingdom' and Brexit illustrates this very clearly according to Professor Douglas-Scott. Read the whole piece here.



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