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Legal English Certificate scholarship winners


A total of 25 scholarships have been awarded to QMUL students for the purpose of studying Legal English in one of the best recognized legal English language programmes... 

Queen Mary, University of London is proud to host students in the International Legal English Certificate (ILEC) programme. ILEC is a high-level examination designed to determine whether candidates, whose first language is not English, have an adequate level of English to function efficiently, in terms of language ability, in the international legal environment. The Language Department at Queen Mary hosts classes for students to improve their legal English skills, culminating in the ILEC examination. ILEC is open to both international and home students.

The Centre for Commercial Law Studies in conjunction with the QMUL Language and Learning unit announce this year's International Legal English Certificate scholarship recipients: Mr Daisuke Okeda, Mr Vikas Kumar, Ms Siriphatun Sawatdisak Pear, Ms Ahu Savaskan, Ms Odette Nyan Kuije, Ms Celine Oreal, Ms Chiara Del Frate, Ms Olga Stetsenko, Ms Olga Bergmann, Ms Ting Ting Xi, Mr Rao Qasim, Mr Munammad Nawaz, Ms Haiying Liu, Ms Shang Pei Betty Chung, Ms Mingjing Ma, Mr Sheng Chen Armstrong, Mr Aristeidis Zacharias, Ms Marta Diaz, Ms Nevena Ozturk, Mr Italo De Santis, Ms Xun Bu, Mr Christos Theodoropoulos, Mr Darshit Jain, Ms Daiva Macionyte and Ms Aura Bertoni.

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