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School of Law

Lost Journeys: The Stories of Child Refugees

Event Podcast

17 November 2015

Watch the video of the Lost Journeys: The Stories of Child Refugees (approx 4 minutes, 48 seconds). Choose 'Play' to play the video.

This event was hosted by the Human Rights Collegium (HRC), School of Law, Queen Mary University of London.

About the event

A play staged by ice&fire, followed by an expert round table and Q&A hosted by the The Human Rights Collegium, Department of Law, QMUL to honour the life of Lisa Jardine.

The Human Rights Collegium, contributing to the wider #RefugeesWelcome initiative launched by Queen Mary, wishes to express solidarity with, and raise awareness about, the dire situation of child refugees in the context of the current refugee crisis. This multimedia initiative, featuring a theatre play followed by expert discussion and Q&A, offers a unique platform to collectively reflect upon and analyse the journeys of children in flight, from the moment they start their journey to the point they reach their destination in Europe and the UK, tracing their experiences of the asylum process and their life after status recognition and/or as failed applicants.

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