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#RefugeesWelcome: QMUL activity in support of refugees

As an institution, Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) is committed to building a fairer and more just society. With the world facing the biggest refugee crisis since the Second World War, we recognise the plight of the people affected, and are working together to provide support for those in need. The information below gives a brief overview of what the QMUL community is doing, and offers guidance for how to get involved and help.

We in the QMUL community will maintain our engagement with the refugee crisis, continually reviewing our provision of funding and services for refugees and asylum seekers, and looking for ways that we can support those in need.

Simon Gaskell, President and Principal of Queen Mary University of London

Miranda Black, President of Queen Mary Students' Union

What we're doing

QMUL support for refugees and asylum seekers:

  • QMUL is a member of Cara, an organisation that helps academics and scientists fleeing from discrimination, persecution, suffering and violence in some of the world's most dangerous places. We are hosting a Syrian refugee academic in our School of Biological and Chemical Sciences, and are committed to supporting the academic for the duration of his two-year visa.
  • We have increased the provision of our bursaries to asylum seekers. QMUL's Asylum Seekers' Bursaries are intended for asylum seekers, children of asylum seekers and those holding discretionary leave to remain in the UK. The awards consist of a tuition fee waiver and a non-repayable grant worth the equivalent of a Student Finance Maintenance Loan and a Queen Mary Bursary.
  • We also offer a fee concession for asylum seekers or children of asylum seekers, allowing them to pay the 'home rate' tuition fee while their asylum application is under consideration by the Home Office.
  • We provide an International Hardship Fund of £50,000, which offers support for international students currently studying at QMUL who may need extra financial support to access and remain in higher education if the situation in their home country deteriorates.
  • We offer a dedicated support service for care leavers. Often, asylum seekers and refugees who come to the UK as unaccompanied children are care leavers, as they move from the care of their local authority to university. QMUL's support package is offered to students through a designated welfare adviser in the support service for care leavers, and is available throughout their time here.

What our students are doing

  • 'Seeking Sanctuary - Refugees and Migrants Welcome at QMUL' on Thursday 23 February 2017, 6-8.30pm: Films, readings, discussions and music.
  • Queen Mary Students' Union is working with a collection of passionate students, the student-led volunteer group STAR (Student Action for Refugees) and CalAid to provide support for the refugee crisis. 
  • One of our students started the Convoy to Calais project which provided supplies for the refugee camps in Calais. 
  • Two students from the School of Geography, Akshi Singh and Danai Avgeri, organised a film screening about migrants and refugees in Europe, with a focus on the situation in Greece. The films were followed by a discussion with activists from NOTARA 56 in Athens who have been offering support to migrants passing from the islands to other parts of Europe.
  • The Queen Mary Disco Society organised an event at the Mile End campus called Disco 4 Change, a music night in which all the ticketed proceeds go to the Red Cross in aid of their refugee fundraiser.
  • Molly Glynn, an undergraduate Business Management student, recently attended the 1000b4Xmas march at Parliament Square with several other campaigners. The aim of the march was to put pressure on the government to accept 1,000 Syrian refugees before Christmas, something to which the government has now agreed.  
  • The Amnesty International Society committee held an event to collect funds for the refugee crisis through the Queen Mary Theatre Company Slappin' da bass event. The society committee donated the funds to the Convoy to Calais project.
  • The Queen Mary Afghan Society and Politics and International Relations Society held a public discussion and book launch on the issue of the refugee crisis. The event celebrated the launch of the book The Lightless Sky, the story of an Afghan refugee boy’s journey of escape to a new life in Britain. QMUL lecturer, Dr Christopher Phillips joined the author Gulwali Passarlay for a discussion and Q&A session on the current refugee crisis.

What our academics are doing

How to get involved

We've provided a list below of some action and charity groups who are working to provide aid to refugees and those affected by conflict and displacement around the world. You can support their work through donations, fundraising and volunteering. 

  • CalAid
    The CalAid group collects donations for those living in the Calais refugee camps.
  • STAR
    STAR (Student Action for Refugees) is a national charity of 12,000 students welcoming refugees to the UK through volunteering, campaigning, fundraising and education.
  • Refugee Action
    Refugee Action in London runs various fundraising events to support their activities including providing legal advice to migrants forced into homelessness, finding accommodation for asylum seekers living on the streets and giving advice on the possibilities for returning home.
  • Refugee Council
    The Refugee Council offers practical support and advice to refugees and asylum seekers throughout their journey in the UK.
  • Oxfam
    Oxfam has launched an appeal to help the millions of people fleeing their homes around the world.
  • Save the Children
    Save the Children has a dedicated Syria appeal to help the many children affected there and across the Middle East by the war in Syria.
  • Migrant Offshore Aid Station
    MOAS (the Migrant Offshore Aid Station) is a registered foundation dedicated to preventing loss of life at sea by providing professional search and rescue assistance to people who find themselves in distress on high sea or trapped on unsafe vessels.
  • #HelpCalais Amazon wish list
    The #HelpCalais campaign is a trans-European project seeking to provide temporary shelter, clothing and support to refugees making the journey to western Europe. The Amazon wishlist provides an opportunity for supporters to buy the goods that refugees and charities need.
  • Kos Solidarity
    Kos Solidarity is an independent local charity based on the island of Kos in Greece. The charity has been founded by a group of Kos citizens in support of the thousands of people landing on the island's beaches since last May. Volunteers work to provide food, clothing and emotional support to the refugees on a daily basis.
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