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IT Services

Web System - CMS (Rhythmyx)

  • Service Group: Collaboration and Communication Services
  • Users: Staff

Service Description  

Rhythmyx is a web content management system and is a single repository for all web content. Everything that is to be delivered via the web is loaded into the system: pages; images; files (PDF, Word); etc.
Rhythmyx manages content though its entire lifecycle and includes version control and allows for content to be archived. All versions (edits) of content are stored within the system. Rhythmyx features an in-built approval system for submitting content. It allows content to be created with no technical web training (i.e. does not require knowledge of html, etc.). Rhythmyx empowers staff with different job roles and IT skills to contribute content to the organisation’s web site and provides user based security and control to facilitate implementation across a whole organisation. Content is only editable by the people who are responsible for it.

How to request this service



There is no cost to the user for this service, but it is a role based service so will need local approval prior to requesting access.


Hours of Service: 24/7/365
Supported Monday to Friday 8am–6pm (excluding bank holidays and university closure days).


Contact the Marketing and Communications team


Dependent service

This service is dependent on Infrastructure Services

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