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IT Services

Software - Purchasing For Personal Use

  • Service Group: Help, Support, and Policy Service
  • Users: Staff, Students


There are a number of schemes allowing students and members of staff to purchase software for installation and use on their home PC's. A list of companies are below where software can be obtained. 
Before ordering, read the conditions of use for the schemes. Software is purchased directly from the suppliers below.

How to request this service

Offers from Pugh Computers for Students & Staff
Offers from Phoenix Software for Students & Staff
Offers from Software for Students for Students

MS Office Pro Plus can be obtained for free via Office 365 for students 

MS Office Pro Plus for staff can be purchased from the Microsoft Home Use Program

Lead time



There are costs for this service however these can be obtained from the provided supplier website.





Dependent service

No dependency on any QMUL provided IT equipment as this is for private use only

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