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IT Services

IT Security

  • Service Group:
  • Users: Staff, Students

Service Description

ITS Security is responsible for providing strategic direction on issues concerned with Cyber Security. This incorporates controls, designed to protect QMUL and its data, that cover people, process and technology

ITS Security provides oversite for the various IT Security solutions that are in place such as Anti-Virus, Firewalls, Intrusion Prevention, Logging and Monitoring, DNS Security etc.

At Queen Mary IT and data security are handled within ITS.  All other data-related services lie within registry and specifically the Records and Compliance Manager.

ITS Security Services provided

  • Advice and consultation on IT security incident response
  • Dissemination of IT security information
  • Training and education relating to information security issues
  • Defining policies and procedures relating to information security issues
  • Consultancy on information security issues


Queen Mary University of London monitors its IT Systems for the purposes of Operational Integrity, Policy Enforcement and Crime Prevention. All monitoring is strictly done within the guidance set out in the “GUIDELINES ON THE RIGHT TO PRIVACY AND THE MONITORING OF DATA“

Censorship and Web Filtering

QMUL will only block access to internet resources when they are identified as a Cyber Security Risk, for instance web sites being used for the propagation of Phishing attacks or Malware.

ITS Does not block access to internet resources for any none cyber security reason although users should be aware of the Acceptable Use Policy detailed below


Access to any data, program or other information on Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) systems must be authorised by QMUL. It is a criminal offence to obtain unauthorised access or make unauthorised modifications to this computer system. QMUL may refer any unauthorised access to appropriate authorities. Unauthorised users may be subject to CRIMINAL PROSECUTION AND/OR CIVIL ACTION AND/OR QMUL DISCIPLINARY PROCEEDINGS.


Users Must NOT process, publish, create, store, download, distribute or transmit material or data that is:
• Prohibited by UK Law
• Discriminatory or defamatory
• Harassing or threatening
• Derogatory to any individual or group
• Obscene or pornographic
• Engaged in any purpose that is illegal or contrary to QMUL policy or business interests
• Likely to bring QMUL into disrepute

Requests and faults on these can be reported via the Self Service portal:

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