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SIS acronyms

The Student Information System operates using a large number of processes and tables identified by three-letter acronyms. This page expands the acronyms to give full titles.


  • AWD: Award
  • AYR: Academic Year
  • AST: Assessment Type
  • ATR: Applicant Transfer Process


  • CAMS: Credit Accumulation Management System
    • One of the three main areas of the SIS, covering processes post -enrolment to graduation.
  • CBK: Course Block List
  • CBO: Course Block Occurrence
  • CGP: Course Group
  • CON: Container
  • COP: Container Option
  • CPG: Container Page
  • CRS: Course Record


  • DMD: Define Module Diet
  • DOM: Domain
  • DPT: Department


  • EQA: External Qualification Aim
  • ESB: External Subject


  • FAC: Faculty
  • FMC: Formed Module Collection
  • FME: Formed Module Element


  • LCA: Location


  • MAB: Module Assessment Body
  • MAP: Module Assessment Pattern
  • MAS: Marketing and Admissions System
    • One of the three main areas of the SIS, covering processes before enrolment.
  • MAV: Module Availability
  • MCR: MAS Course Record
  • MDS: Module Description
  • MKS: Marking Scheme
  • MOA: Mode of Attendance
  • MOD: Module
  • MOT: Module Type
  • MSD: Module Availability Subject Department
  • MTK: Message Task Record
  • MUA: Master User Access


  • PAW: Programme Award
  • POD: Programme Option Definition
  • POP: Programme Option Parameters
  • PRG: Programme of Study
  • PSL: Period Slot
  • PWG: Pathway Group
  • PWT: Pathway Type
  • PWY: Pathway


  • ROU: Route


  • SCE: Student Course Enrolment
  • SCH: Scheme
  • SCJ: Student Course Join
  • SLP: Standard Letter Parameter
  • SNK: Student Next of Kin
  • SPD: Student Personal Details
  • SPI: Student Progress Information
  • SPR: Student Programme Route
  • SQE: Student Qualifications and Experience
  • SRL: Standard Report/Letter
  • SRS: Student Registration System
    • One of the three main areas of the SIS, covering confirmation, clearing and enrolment.
  • STU: Student Details
  • SUB: Subject


  • TKT: Task Record
  • TUP: Table Update Process


  • UDF: User Defined Field


  • VAR: Valid Admissions Route
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