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BSc Biology with Foundation (CCX1) [PDF 1,161KB]

BSc Chemistry with Foundation (FFX1) [PDF 1,161KB]

MSci Biochemistry with Foundation (CCY1) [PDF 1,161KB]

MSci Chemistry with Foundation (FFY1) [PDF 1,161KB]


BSc Biochemistry (C700) [PDF 1,161KB]

BSc Biochemistry with Placement (3W45) [PDF 1,162KB]

BSc Biology (C100) [PDF 1,162KB]

BSc Biomedical Sciences (B990) [PDF 1,162KB]

BSc Chemistry (F100) [PDF 1,163KB]

BSc Chemistry with Placement (9A32) [PDF 1,163KB]

BSc Genetics (C400) [PDF 1,161KB]

BSc Medical Genetics (C431) [PDF 1,162KB]

BSc Neuroscience (B140) [PDF 1,136KB]

BSc Pharmaceutical Chemistry (F154) [PDF 1,163KB]

BSc Pharmaceutical Chemistry with Placement (2L22) [PDF 1,164KB]

BSc Psychology (C800) [PDF 1,163KB]

BSc Zoology (C300) [PDF 1,161KB]

Integrated Masters

MSci Biochemistry (C701) [PDF 1,162KB]

MSci Chemistry (F103) [PDF 1,164KB]

MSci Pharmaceutical Chemistry (F152) [PDF 1,165KB]


MSc Aquatic Ecology by Research (C1S6 / C1S7) [PDF 554KB]

MSc Bioinformatics (C1T4 / C1T5) [PDF 527KB]

MSc Chemical Research (F1U3 / F1UP) [PDF 530KB]

MSc Ecological and Evolutionary Genomics (C1T3 / C1T9) [PDF 554KB]

MSc Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (C1S8/ C2S1) [PDF 556KB]

MSc Freshwater and Marine Ecology (C1T1 / C1T2) [PDF 556KB]

MSc Plant & Fungal Taxonomy, Diversity and Conservation (C1R1) [PDF 554KB]

Nanchang Programme

BSc Biomedical Sciences Joint Programme with Nanchang (B9N0) [PDF 557KB]

BSc Biomedical Sciences Joint Programme with Nanchang (third year spent at QMUL) (B9N0) [PDF 1,161KB]

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