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Directorate of Governance and Legal Services

Student complaints

A student who wishes to make a complaint about academic or non-academic matters they experience during their time at Queen Mary may do so under the Queen Mary Student Complaints Policy. The student complaints process is made up of two stages - Formal Complaint and Complaint Review.

Student Complaints Policy 2022-23 [PDF 296KB]

Student Complaints Policy 2023-24 [PDF 160KB]

Informal Resolution

Queen Mary encourages students to attempt an informal resolution wherever possible. Further details on how they can go about this are available in the Student Complaints Policy.

Formal Complaint

The first formal stage of the Queen Mary student complaints process is a Formal Complaint. A student must submit a completed form and all of their evidence to the appropriate person.

Formal Complaint form [PDF 270KB]

Formal Complaint form [DOC 36KB]

Complaint Review

If a student is unhappy with the outcome of their Formal Complaint they may request a Complaint Review.

Complaint Review form [PDF 79KB]

Complaint Review form [DOC 35KB]

Please note that if you have a concern regarding assessment, progression of award this should be submitted as a Formal Appeal; you can find information about how to appeal on the Appeals webpage

Students are strongly advised to seek informal resolution of their concerns where possible.

If you wish to discuss your complaint you may contact the Appeals, Complaints and Conduct Office:


Finance Complaints

Complaints about matters relating to your academic programme, including fee charges, are likely to need to be considered by your academic school/institute. For example if you have withdrawn/interrupted your studies and are complaining in regards to your fee rate, this needs to be submitted as a Formal Complaint to the Head of your School for consideration.

If your complaint relates to the Finance Office then it should be submitted direct to the Deputy Director of Financial Controls. 


For independent and confidential advice about your complaint, you can get advice from Annie Mitchell who is the Advocacy and Representation Manager in Queen Mary’s Students’ Union: (please note Annie is a staff member of QMSU, not a student officer).


Please find below a list of frequently asked questions about complaints prepared by the Students’ Union and Advice and Counseling which is designed to help you understand the process for complaints, how concerns can be resolved without submitting a formal complaint and what support is available.


Queen Mary staff should contact the Appeals, Complaints and Conduct Office directly if they require any assistance with the student complaints process.

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