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An appeal is the only method by which a student can request a review of a decision made by an academic body about progression, assessment and award, as well as decisions made under several other Queen Mary policies.

Queen Mary's appeal process consists of two stages - Formal Appeal and Final Review.

Before submitting either a Formal Appeal or a Final Review, please read the guidelines and policy below for further information on whether or not you have grounds to do so.

Guidance & Policy
Formal Appeal forms
Final Review forms
Admissions Appeals

Appeals Complaints and Conduct Office Drop Ins: Results Day Drop Ins

Concerned about your recent assessment results? Visit our Drop In for guidance on understanding your options and next steps. We will answer some FAQs. 

Appeals Complaints and Conduct Office Drop Ins: Results Day Drop Ins

IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ - a disagreement with a mark you received will normally be considered a challenge to the academic judgement of the examiners and will normally be automatically rejected. You should contact your school or institute in the first instance to obtain feedback to understand why you received the marks you did. Your school or institute can also perform clerical checks to ensure that there have been no errors in the inputting of marks.

You are strongly advised to talk to your school or institute before submitting a Formal Appeal. Please do not email the Principal. You can also seek advice from the Advocacy and Representation officer in the Students' Union. 

Please note that the following are NOT valid grounds for appeal:

  • Appeals against the academic judgment of internal or external examiners.
  • Lack of awareness by the student of the relevant procedure or regulations.
  • The retrospective reporting of exceptional circumstances that might reasonably have been made known at the time.
  • Appeals that are based on the informal assessment of a student’s work by members of academic staff.
  • Marginal failure to attain a higher class of degree.
Specifically in relation to points 2 and 3 above, students often claim that they didn't know the procedure to submit exceptional circumstances. It is your responsibility to be aware of all the rules, regulations and procedures and simply not being aware of these is not considered valid grounds for appeal.

If you have a query about submitting a Formal Appeal/Final Review, or about the appeal process generally, please contact the Appeals, Complaints and Conduct Office:


Formal Appeal forms

Click here to access the online appeal form.

Please watch this video about how to submit your Formal Appeal Form:

Final Review forms

Final Review form [PDF 289KB] - PDF version to print out and complete by hand
Final Review form [DOC 36KB] - Word version to complete electronically and submit via your Queen Mary email

Completed forms with evidence can be submitted electronically from a Queen Mary email account to

Admissions Appeals

Please note that the Appeals, Complaints and Conduct office does not deal with appeals against admissions decisions. Admissions appeals are dealt with under the Admissions Appeals and Complaints policy. If you have any queries please contact the Admissions Manager at


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