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Directorate of Governance and Legal Services

Memoranda and Agreements

Agreement Documents

  1. Memorandum of Understanding
  2. Memorandum of Agreement/Contract

Typically, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) will be signed with the partner institution after Partnership Proposal approval for the development of the partnership has been granted.  QMUL has a standard MoU template used to confirm the relationship between QMUL and the partner.  It provides an umbrella arrangement under which more specific agreements may be developed. It is strongly recommended that an MoU is signed where there is a likelihood of a mutually beneficial form of cooperation. The MoU is not legally binding; it is a statement of intent which sets forth the general basis upon which the Parties wish to proceed. However, not all collaborative arrangements may need to develop MoUs.

A Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) or Contract will be signed following approval of a more developed provision.  This agreement will detail the respective responsibilities, roles and obligations of the parties.  The Memorandum of Agreement should be fully signed before the collaborative programme commences and before offers have been made to students.

The Contract is a legally binding document setting out the rights and obligations of the parties and detailing the collaborative arrangements which will normally vary depending on the type of arrangement. Typically, QMUL’s Memoranda of Agreement or Contracts are valid for 5 years.

The final drafts of both the agreement and/or the contract must be cleared by the Deputy Academic Registrar following approval by Partnerships Board (PB) and Taught Programmes Board (TPB) for new academic programmes. Legal advice may be sought in relation to particular contracts.

When drafting Memoranda of Understanding and Agreement documents, proposers should consult the ARCS and International Partnerships Office who can advise on the agreement model to be used.

Templates for Agreement Documents

Please consult ARCS who can advise on the appropriate agreement template to be used. For Progression Agreements please consult the International Partnerships Office. For Erasmus+ arrangements and Exchange and Study Abroad Agreements, please consult the Global Opportunities office.

QMUL Policy for Signatories of Collaborative Documents

All Memoranda of Understanding and Memoranda of Agreement must be checked by ARCS prior to submission to the relevant parties for signature. ARCS is responsible for the Register of Collaborative Provision and will check all documentation for accuracy and compliance with internal and external regulations.

The following Protocol for signing Memoranda of Understanding/Agreement should be observed:

  • All Memoranda of Understanding/Agreement which are at University level must be signed by the Principal or by a delegated Vice-Principal (for example VP International)
  • Any other subsequent Memoranda of Understanding/Agreement at School/Faculty level with an external institution should be signed by the Principal, VP International or the relevant Faculty VP on their behalf
  • Where Memoranda of Agreement involve a possible commitment of resources outside of the remit of the relevant VP, then the Principal should always sign

Once signed, copies of Memoranda of Understanding/Agreement should always be sent to ARCS and (for international partners) either the Global Opportunities team or the International Partnerships Office.

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