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Directorate of Governance and Legal Services

Programme specifications - Economics and Finance

2024/25 entry



MSc Banking and Finance [PDF 1,012KB]

MSc Banking and Finance (January start) [PDF 901KB]

MSc Behavioural Finance [PDF 865KB]

MSc Corporate Finance [PDF 1,003KB]

MSc Economics [PDF 663KB]

MSc Economics (Master's Apprenticeship Programme) [PDF 1,508KB]

MSc Finance [PDF 855KB]

MSc Finance and Machine Learning [PDF 1,053KB]

MSc Investment Banking [PDF 917KB]

MSc Investment and Finance [PDF 1,033KB]

MSc Wealth Management [PDF 927KB]

MRes Economics [PDF 934KB]

MRes Finance [PDF 923KB]

2023/24 entry


BSc Economic and Political Studies with Integrated Foundation Year [PDF 1,143KB]

BSc Economic and Political Studies [PDF 967KB]

BSc Economic Studies, Statistics and Mathematics with Foundation Year [PDF 1,130KB]

BSc Economic Studies, Statistics and Mathematics [PDF 1,015KB]

BSc Economic Studies_Foundation_Year in Industry [PDF 1,273KB]

BSc Economic Studies_Year in Industry [PDF 1,042KB]

BSc Economics and Finance [PDF 1,100KB]

BSc Economics and Finance_Foundation Year_Year Abroad_Year in Industry [PDF 1,348KB]

BSc Economics and Finance_Year Abroad_Year in Industry [PDF 1,116KB]

BSc Economics and International Finance with Year Abroad, Foundation, Year in Industry [PDF 1,361KB]

BSc Economics and International Finance [PDF 1,119KB]

BSc Economics and International Relations_Foundation Year_Year Abroad_Year in Industry [PDF 1,385KB]

BSc Economics and International Relations_Year Abroad_Year in Industry [PDF 1,159KB]

BSc Economics and Politics [PDF 1,103KB]

BSc Economics and Poltics_Foundation_Year in Industry [PDF 1,306KB]

BSc Economics, Finance and Management [PDF 1,155KB]

BSc Economics, Finance and Management_Foundation_Year in Industry_Year Abroad [PDF 1,360KB]

BSc Economics, Statistics, Mathematics_Foundation_Year Abroad_Year in Industry [PDF 1,353KB]

BSc Economics, Statistics, Mathematics_Year Abroad_Year in Industry [PDF 1,158KB]

BSc Economics_Foundation Programmes [PDF 1,300KB]

BSc Economics_Year Abroad_Year in Industry [PDF 1,090KB]

BSc Finance_Foundation_Year Abroad_Year in Industry [PDF 1,343KB]

BSc Finance_Year Abroad_Year in Industry [PDF 1,059KB]



MSc Accounting and Finance [PDF 1,213KB]

MSc Banking and Finance (January) [PDF 879KB]

MSc Banking and Finance [PDF 997KB]

MSc Behavioural Finance and CFA Pathway [PDF 859KB]

MSc Corporate Finance [PDF 1,034KB]

MSc Economics [PDF 654KB]

MSc Finance and CFA Pathway [PDF 858KB]

MSc Finance and Econometrics [PDF 675KB]

MSc Finance and Machine Learning [PDF 1,017KB]

MSc Investment and Finance and CFA Pathway [PDF 1,028KB]

MSc Law and Finance [PDF 917KB]

MSc Mental Health Economics [PDF 1,095KB]


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