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Directorate of Governance and Legal Services

Council membership

Register of Disclosable Interests 2023-24 [PDF 5,001KB]

CHAIR:    Lord Clement-Jones CBE
President and Principal Professor Colin Bailey
President of the Students’ Union 2023-24 Serena-Amani Al Jabbar
Period of tenure: 4 years  
4 persons elected from the academic staff of QMUL: 
Professor Kavita Datta 30 September 2025†
Professor Mangala Patel 30 September 2025
Professor Yang Hao 30 September 2025
Dr Anthony Phillips  25 September 2027†
One person elected from professional or support staff of QMUL:
Natalie McCloskey 25 September 2027
Period of tenure:  4 years  
12 persons, comprising a majority of the Council membership, who are neither staff nor students of QMUL, co-opted by the Council: 
Gil Baldwin (nominee of the Drapers' Company) 01 March 2026
Ken Batty 10 January 2026
Lord Clement-Jones CBE (Chair) 30 April 2025
Patricia Gallan 01 January 2027†
Celia Gough (nominee of the Drapers' Company) 01 September 2024
Indy Hothi 01 January 2027†
Isabelle Jenkins 07 January 2026
Maryanne Matthews 10 January 2026
Dr Alix Pryde  31 December 2027
Melissa Tatton  31 December 2027
Peter Thompson 29 November 2025
Secretary to Council Jonathan Morgan
Assistant Secretary to Council Nadine Lewycky

 † indicates provision for renewal of term of office for one further period of four years following the end of the current tenure.


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