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Critical Care and Peri-operative Medicine Research Group

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

This section is regularly updated with the latest SOPs produced by the researchers of the Group.


Alternative Substrates in the Critically Ill Subject (ASICS) Trial SOPs

  • Aim: Investigate the feasibility of administrating alternative substrates to ICU patients. This includes reconstituting and administering a modular ketone-inducing (ketogenic) enteral feeding regimen to ICU patients; to show that this feed does increase blood ketones; and that it is feasible to collect the desired outcomes.
  • Trial Nutrition SOP: ASICS Trial Nutrition SOP v5.0 [DOC 34KB]
  • Ultrasound Quadriceps (Rectus Femoris) SOP: USS ASICS SOP [DOC 2,201KB]
  • Ultrasound Measurement of Quadriceps Rectus Femoris Cross-sectional Area SOP: US Cross-sectional Area SOP [DOC 1,225KB]
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