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Critical Care and Peri-operative Medicine Research Group

Our Projects

Our group conducts observational studies, feasibility trials and major randomised controlled trials that take place both in the UK and internationally.


This page showcases the projects initiated and completed by the group.


Watch: Trial Management - Ruzena Uddin (Research Manager at the CCPMG)


Ruzena Uddin tells us about her role as Research Manager at the CCPMG, conducting research from the trial management perspective and what she enjoys best about working in an academic clinical trials unit. 


Currently recruiting...

OPtimisation of Peri-operaTive CardIovascular Management to Improve Surgical outcomE II (OPTIMISE II)

Using a cardiac output monitor to deliver goal-directed haemodynamic therapy intra-op and four hours post-op.

Twitter @OPTIMISE2trial / Email / Website


Stopping Perioperative Angiotensin II Converting Enzyme inhibitors and/or receptor blockers in major non-cardiac surgery (SPACE) 

Patients on chronic ACEi/ARB therapy will have them either continued or stopped immediately prior to elective surgery.

Twitter @SPACEtrial / Email

Genomic Advances in Sepsis (GAinS)

An observational study looking at genetic influences in sepsis patients. Find out more about the study under the Group's research theme 'Genomics and Host Response'.



Investigating the diagnosis and underlying mechanisms of organ recovery after critical illness with a focus on acute kidney injury and skeletal muscle wasting. 


In follow-up...

Alternative Substrates in the Critically Ill Subject (ASICS)

Investigate the feasibility of administrating alternative substrates to ICU patients.

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Randomised controlled trial 

Prevention of Respiratory Insufficiency after Surgical Management (PRISM) 

Early postoperative CPAP to reduce atelectasis and the incidence of subsequent respiratory complications.

PRISM Trial Paper - The Lancet Respiratory Medicine


Randomised controlled trial

OPtimisation of Peri-operaTive CardIovascular Management to Improve Surgical outcomE (OPTIMISE I)

OPTIMISE I Trial Paper - JAMA Network


Stepped wedge cluster randomised trial

Enhanced Peri-Operative Care for High-risk patients (EPOCH)

EPOCH Trial Paper - The Lancet


International observational cohort study

International Surgical Outcomes Study (ISOS)

ISOS Trial Paper - British Journal of Anaesthesia


European observational cohort study

European Surgical Outcomes Study (EuSOS)

EuSOS Trial Paper - The Lancet