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Centre for Commercial Law Studies

Dr Andromachi Georgosouli, PhD and LLM (CCLS, Queen Mary University of London); LLB (Democritus University of Thrace, Greece)


Senior Lecturer

Telephone: +44(0)20 7882 3852
Room Number: Lincoln's Inn Fields


Dr Georgosouli is a senior lecturer at the Centre for Commercial Law Studies (CCLS) at Queen Mary University of London. Her research is problem-solving and focuses, in roughly equal measure, on financial law and the theory of regulation. Her recent publications address questions of financial crisis prevention and management, transnational governance, and digitalization. Earlier publications examine a selection of topics on meta-regulation in financial regulation. Dr Georgosouli is the editor of a book on Systemic Risk and the Future of Insurance Regulation (Routledge/INFORMA, 2015; jointly with M Goldby) and -until June 2021- was the General Editor of the Transnational Commercial Law Review - the online fully open-access peer-reviewed journal of the QMUL-UNIDROIT Institute of Transnational Commercial Law (jointly with M Goldby). In addition, she has published extensively in top law journals including the Oxford Journal of Legal Studies, the Cambridge Law Journal, the Legal Studies; the Brooklyn Journal of Commercial, Financial and Corporate Law, the Connecticut Insurance Law Journal, the Journal of Banking Regulation, and the Journal of Law and Society. She regularly contributes to books, and, over the years, she has been involved in the preparation of independent reports and briefings in the field of her expertise. Examples include her recent contribution to an independent study  for the European Parliament on the topic of Euro Area Accession focusing on the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on Bulgaria and Croatia in collaboration with CEPS (2022); her report to the European Affairs Committee of the UK Parliament on the UK-EU relationship in financial services post-Brexit (April 2022; jointly with Rosa Lastra); and her Briefing for the European Parliament on Brexit, financial stability, and the supervision of clearing systems (February 2018). In 2016, Dr Georgosouli was the holder of a prestigious scholarship under the European Central Bank (ECB) Legal Research Programme. In spring 2015, she was a visiting scholar at the George Washington University Law School and at the International Monetary Fund. In December 2021, Dr Georgosouli joined the prestigious Advisory Pool of Experts (APEX) of the Bar Standards Board as a regulatory policy and theory expert.

Dr Georgosouli is currently the CCLS Director of the Joint Equality Diversity and Inclusion Committee of the School of Law. Before that appointment, she successfully led the Law School’s joint submission for the Athena Swan Silver Award representing CCLS. Until June 2021, she acted as the Academic Director of the Queen Mary-UNIDROIT Institute of Transnational Commercial Law (jointly with M Goldby). Dr Georgosouli holds a PhD in financial regulation and an LLM in Banking and Financial Law - both from QMUL. Her postgraduate studies were funded by a three-year scholarship from the Greek State Scholarships' Foundation (SSF), which she had been awarded after having taken first place in the SSF national written competition in 2001. Dr Georgosouli is a barrister (on leave), and she obtained her LLB from Democritus University of Thrace (Greece). Before joining QMUL in January 2012, she was a lecturer at the School of Law of the University of Leicester and the Deputy Director of the School's Centre for European Law and Integration (CELI).


Research Interests:

Theories of regulation, political and moral philosophy, financial regulation (banking, securities, insurance) focusing on legal and institutional aspects of crisis prevention and management.

Examples of research funding:

Report on ‘Compliance and Financial Regulation’ (jointly with Professor P. Rawlings and Dr C. Russo): Industry funded project by Deloitte.


Dr Andromachi Georgosouli's SSRN page

Articles in journals

  • ‘The transnational governance of bank resolution and the treatment of national regulatory variation in the EU’ (2021) 80(1) Cambridge Law Journal 74-100. (13,208 words)
  • ‘Improving the immediate enforceability of resolution action in the EU: Critical reflections’ (2017) 24(1) Columbia Journal of European Law 1-37. (20,508 words)
  • ‘Regulatory incentive realignment and the EU framework of bank resolution’ (2016) 10(2) Brooklyn Journal of Corporate, Financial and Commercial Law 343-382. (20,806 words)
  • ‘Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) Misselling: Some Lessons from the UK’ 21(1) Connecticut Insurance Law Journal (2014-2015) 261-288
  • ‘Judgement-led regulation: Reflections on data and discretion’, (2013) 14(3) Journal of Banking Regulation (Special Issue) 209-220
  • ‘The FCA-PRA coordination scheme and the challenge of policy coherence’, (2013) 8(1) Capital Markets Law Journal 62-76
  • ‘The FSA’s Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) initiative: What is so good about it and why it may not work’ (2011) 38(3) Journal of Law and Society 405-427
  • ‘The Revision of the FSA’s Approach to Regulation: An Incomplete Agenda?’, (2010) 7 Journal of Business Law 599-617
  • ‘Regulatory Interpretation: Conversational or Constructive?’, (2010) 30(2) Oxford Journal of Legal Studies 361-384
  • ‘The Nature of the FSA Policy of Rule-Use: A Critical Overview’, (2008) 28(1) Legal Studies 119-139
  • ‘The Economic Rationale for Investor Protection Regulation: A Critical Appraisal’, (2007) 15(3) Journal of Financial Regulation and Compliance 236-249


  • Systemic Risk and the Future of Insurance Regulation (co-edited with M. Goldby) Routledge/INFORMA, Lloyd’s Insurance Law Library series) (2015) pp. 1-204

Chapters in books (2015 – present)

  • ‘The algorithmic future of insurance supervision in the EU: A reality check’ in K Nussia and P Marano (eds), The Governance of Insurance Undertakings between Corporate Law and Insurance Regulation (co-authored with J Okonjo; 2021 Springer; International Insurance Law Association (AIDA), Europe, Young Authors Award 2020)
  • ‘What makes deterrence credible?’, book chapter in W Blair, R Lastra and C Russo (eds), Research Handbook in Ethics in Banking and Finance (Edward Elgar; 2019).
  • ‘National Report – United Kingdom’ (co-authored with P. Schammo; erroneously attributed to T. Tridimas in the initial print run) in G Bándi, P Darák, A Halustyik, and PA Láncos (eds) European Banking Union. XXVII. FIDE Congress Proceedings. (Budapest: Wolters, Kluwer; 2016) 1-22
  • ‘Reflections: Standardization theory and the limits of its applicability’, book chapter in L Mistelis and M Goldby (eds.), The Role of Arbitration in Shipping Law (Oxford University Press; spring/summer 2016) 81-85
  • ‘The emerging Special recovery and resolution framework of G-SIIs and its effectiveness’, chapter 8 in A Georgosouli and M Goldby (eds) Systemic Risk and the Future of Insurance Regulation, Routledge/INFORMA, Lloyd’s Insurance Law Library series; 2015) 125-149
  • ‘Introduction’ (co-authored with M. Goldby), chapter 1 in A Georgosouli and M Goldby (eds) Systemic Risk and the Future of Insurance Regulation, Routledge/INFORMA, Lloyd’s Insurance Law Library series; 2015) 1-6

Book reviews

  • ‘Book review: N. Moloney, ‘The Age of ESMA: Governing EU Financial Markets’ Modern Law Review (autumn 2021)
  • ‘R.S.J. Martha, ‘Financial Obligations in International Law’ (book review) (2016) Netherlands International Law Review 355-358
  • ‘The Eurozone Crisis: Some reflections on economic sustainability and the issue of legitimacy’ (12 April 2014) blog contribution to ‘“The Eurozone Crisis” –A Book Debate’
  • ‘Book review: F. Kjaer, G. Teubner & A. Febbrajo eds., The Financial Crisis in Constitutional Perspective. The Dark Side of Functional Differentiation. Hart Publishing, 2011', (2012) 10 International Journal of Constitutional Law 1174-1177.

Online research outputs and research papers (indicative)

Other/Public consultations

Research work under review and other research work in progress

  • ‘Adaptable Financial Regulation: Theory Policy and Practice’: Monograph (work in progress; with OUP and currently under review)
  • ‘Metarules, judgment and the algorithmic future of financial supervision in the UK’: Journal article; (with OJLS and currently under review)


Dr Georgosouli is an expert in financial law and the theory of regulation. She is currently interested in the regulation of financial resilience, the idea of adaptability as a virtue of financial regulatory law, transnational governance and the intersection between law and technology in all three fields of financial regulation (banking, securities and capital). Through her research, she tries to understand how law could provide the infrastructure for the operation of a financial system which would be safer and more potent in delivering sustainable economic prosperity for all. She would be happy to supervise any of the issues that fall within her expertise and current research interests.

PhD students

  • Y. Li, ‘The regulation of crowd-funding in China’ (September 2016 to December 2020) (first supervisor; second supervisors: I. Kokkoris and B Schneider) 
  • T. Petch, ‘Creating a stable European Economic Union through Federalism’ (jointly with R. Lastra between 2016-2018; equal responsibility). 
  • J. Kay Ramsay, ‘What measures should be taken to protect consumers against the dangers of Payday loans? Can lessons be learnt from other jurisdictions?’ (2014-2017) (jointly with S Perera; equal responsibility)

Public Engagement

  • 17 December 2022: ‘7th Annual Conference in 2022: Risk(s) - Pressing Issues in the Realms of Company Law and Financial Markets Law’ hosted by HTW Berlin, University of Applied Sciences. Paper presenter. Title: ‘Cross-border financial regulation post-Brexit: Challenges and opportunities’.
  • 30 June – 1 July 2022, ‘Conference on Financial Law and Regulation’ UCL Faculty of Laws. Paper presenter. Title: ‘Brexit, financial services and the future EU-UK relationship’.
  • 3-5 July 2019, 'The politics of uncertainty: practical challenges for transformative action', ESRC STEPS Centre, University of Sussex. Paper presenter. Title: 'Adaptable financial regulation: Some critical reflections on policy implications'.
  • 4 April 2019, SLSA Conference University of Leeds. Paper presenter. Title 'Market change and legal resilience'.
  • 5-7 July 2018, Institute of New Economic Thinking (INET) Young Scholar Initiative – Finance, Law and Economics Working Group (International University College of Turin, Italy). Paper presenter. Title: ‘Challenges of global legal diversity’.
  • 4-6 July 2018, ECPR Standing Group on Regulatory Governance International Conference (Lausanne, Switzerland). Paper presenter. Title: ‘Multi-level governance and the role of EU standard setting’.
  • 23 February 2018, European Banking Institute International Conference (University of Goethe, Frankfurt, Germany). Paper presenter. Title: ‘International regulatory convergence and EU law’.
  • 21 February 2018, European Parliament (Brussels, Belgium) Briefing as part of the Monetary Dialogue of the Economic and Monetary Committee of the European Parliament with the President of the ECB, Mr Mario Draghi.
  • 26 April 2017, London UK: Institute of International Finance (IIF) Workshop on the FSB Framework (panellist).
  • 5 May 2017, Rome Italy: Sapienza University, Public Lecture on ‘EU agentification and bank resolution: Critical reflections’.
  • 8 and 9 May 2017, Lisbon Portugal: Centre for Research in European Economic, Financial and Tax Law (CIDEEFF) Lisbon School of Law, University of Lisbon, International Conference on Financial Integration in Europe. Paper presenter. Title: ‘EU bank resolution and the EBA.’
  • 16 December 2016, Berlin Germany: HTW University of Applied Sciences Berlin Conference ‘Contemporary Pivotal Issues in Financial Markets Law and Company Law – Selected National, International, European and Comparative Views’ Paper presenter. Title: The Single Resolution Board: A step too far in the evolution of EU agencies?’.
  • 27-28 October 2016, Valencia, Spain: UMIP Conference on the ‘European Supervision of Securities Markets: Investor protection perspectives’. Paper presenter. Title: ‘The European Supervisory Authorities: A new generation of EU agencies?’.
  • 8 July 2016, Singapore Management University NVCL Seminar Series, Singapore (jointly with CCLS, QMUL). Chair of the seminar
  • 17 June 2016, 4th CCLS Roundtable in Financial Regulation, Reed Smith, London on ‘The Implementation of the FSB Key Attributes in the EU’ (paper presenter jointly with Tara Race (US Treasury) and N. Coleman (US Federal Reserve Bank)
  • 12 May 2016, Invited to give a seminar entitled ‘Improving the BRRD mutual recognition regime’ at the European Central Bank (ECB). ECB Legal Research Program 2016
  • 16 March 2016, Invited to give a public lecture at the University of Warwick, Law School on the ‘Implementation of the Bank Recovery and Resolution Directive in the Banking Union’
  • 11 January 2016, Invited to give a seminar at the US Federal Reserve Bank on ‘Recent developments in the Banking Union’
  • Invited to give a seminar on Jan 12, 2016 at the US Treasury on ‘EU Bank Resolution’
  • 1 April 2015, Duke University Law School upon invitation: ‘The EU system of bank resolution: Reflections on the role of the SRB and the EBA’ (public lecture)
  • March 2015, George Washington University Law School (upon invitation): ‘Addressing Member State implementation challenges within the EU bank resolution system’ (public lecture)
  • 27 March 2015, International Monetary Fund, LEG Seminar (upon invitation): ‘Regulatory incentive realignment in the EU system of bank resolution’
  • 28 May 2015, NVCL Seminar Series, Paris ‘Enforcing Solvency II – Critical reflections on the role of the EIOPA (paper presenter).
  • 1 April 2015, ‘The EU system of bank resolution: Reflections on the role of the SRB and the EBA’ (public lecture at the Duke University Law School upon invitation).
  • 27 March 2015, ‘Addressing Member State implementation challenges within the EU bank resolution system’ (public lecture at the George Washington University Law School upon invitation).
  • 27 March 2015, ‘Regulatory incentive realignment in the EU system of bank resolution (International Monetary Fund, LEG Seminar upon invitation).
  • 19 March 2015, ‘The enforcement of EU bank resolution: Reflections on the role of the SRB and the EBA’ (European Breakfast series talk, Peterson Institute of International Economics upon invitation).
  • 3 April 2014, Dr Georgosouli gave a paper at the Symposium 'Big Data and Insurance' which was organised by Insurance Law Institute, University of Connecticut Law School, US. The title of her paper was 'Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) mis-selling: Lessons from the UK' and it is due to be published in the special issue of the Connecticut Insurance Law Journal later this year.
  • June 2014, Dr Andromachi Georgosouli convened the third round of the CCLS Series of Events in Financial Law and Regulation. The series started off with a lunch time lecture (25 June) by Professor Steven Schwarcz (Duke University, US)  on 'Shadow Banking and Limited Liability'. This was followed by the 3rd CCLS Roundtable on Financial Regulation (26 June) on the theme 'Financial Markets: Impossible to Govern?', which was generously sponsored by Reed Smith and brought together distinguished academics, scholars and legal practitioners from the UK/EU and the US. The series concluded with a special panel discussion (27 June) on insurance regulation which was convened jointly by Dr Georgosouli and Dr Miriam Goldby. All events were well attended. The papers were thought-provoking and the contributors presented the latest thinking in the area of financial regulation instigating a lively debate about the merits of the post-crisis reform agenda on both sides of the Atlantic.
  • 10 July 2014, Dr Georgosouli chaired a conference on 'Cross-border effects on Banking Regulation: The Bank Recovery and Resolution Directive and the Single Resolution Mechanism (SRM) under scrutiny' at the British Institute of International and Comparative Law (BIICL). The conference considered far-reaching consequences of the new legislation and provoked a spirited debate about its effectiveness.
  • 'Third year of success for the CCLS New Voices in Commercial Law seminar series!' When asked to comment, Dr Andromachi Georgosouli, the convenor of the series, said that 'the series is going from strength to strength! It started off in 2012 in London with great success and ever since it has expanded geographically. Currently, three of the seminars are held in London, two in Paris and for next year there are plans to hold one of the NVCL seminars in South East Asia.' The Seminars have been generously sponsored by Routledge and have provided a valuable opportunity for early career academics and scholars to communicate their research work in progress in an informal and supportive environment.
  • Dr Andromachi Georgosouli and Dr Miriam Goldby are co-editing a book on 'Systemic Risk and the Future of Insurance Regulation' (Routledge/INFORMA, Lloyd’s Insurance Law Library series). The book is due to be published in summer 2015 and it is a selection of papers that were presented in the 2nd CCLS Roundtable on Financial Regulation in June 2013, which celebrated the launch of the Insurance Law Institute at CCLS earlier that year.  The book is the first scholarly work that takes a critical look at systemic risk as a key driver of post-crisis developments in the regulation of the insurance sector in the UK/EU and the US and intends to be comprehensive and forward-looking.
  • 5 December 2014, Dr Andromachi Georgosouli was invited to participated in a high profile seminar on the 'The European Institutional Responses to the Challenges of Supervising Financial Markets' (University of Applied Science Berlin).  The seminar was organised jointly by the University of Oslo, Norway and the University of Applied Sciences Berlin.
    In her paper, Dr Georgosouli considered the challenges of cross-border enforcement of the Bank Recovery and Resolution Directive and the role of the European Banking Authority (EBA) in this respect.
  • 27 June 2013, Dr Andromachi Georgosouli and Dr Miriam Goldby are co-editing a book on Systemic Risk and the Future of Insurance Regulation. The book draws on papers that were presented in the 2nd CCLS Roundtable on Financial Regulation (Old Library, Lloyd’s), which celebrated the launch of ILI and brings together critical perspectives from distinguished academics and practitioners in this field from the UK and the US. It is due to be published in summer 2015 and it will be part of the prestigious Lloyd’s Insurance Law Library series.
  • Dr Andromachi Georgosouli will be on sabbatical from January to June 2015. She has been invited to spend two months as a visiting scholar at the George Washington University Law School and as a research visitor at the Legal Department of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). She will be doing research on the problem of regulatory incentive misalignment and the legal tools that we need to develop in order to address it using as her case study the Single Resolution Mechanism in the European Banking Union.
  • 1 April 2015, Dr Andromachi Georgosouli been invited to give a public lecture at Duke University Law School.

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