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Wolfson Institute of Population Health

Research & Action on Salt & Obesity


A group staff photo

UNIT LEAD Professor Feng He
and Professor Graham MacGregor

This unit is a multi-disciplinary research team which conducts translational research to reduce dietary salt, sugar and saturated fat consumption across the whole population, and so prevent hypertension, obesity, type II diabetes, stroke, heart disease, heart failure and cancer.  The unit’s research findings have been instrumental in the development and implementation of the UK’s salt reduction and obesity prevention programmes, which are now being copied around the world. The unit also carries out various research and public health programmes to reduce salt intake in several low- and middle-income countries, e.g. China, Malaysia.

The unit comprises research fellows, nutritionists and PhD students, and the registered charities Consensus Action on Salt, Sugar and Health, and Blood Pressure UK. 

  • Public health nutrition research in action.

  • Reducing salt, sugar and saturated fat consumption to prevent non-communicable diseases.

  • Prevention and treatment of raised blood pressure.


Alessandrini , Roberta, PhD student

Bhageerutty , Sheena - Assistant Nutritionist

Brown, Mhairi - Nutrition Policy Co-Ordinator

Burt, Harriet - Policy & Communications Officer

Davies, Zoe - Nutritionist

Gabriel, Holly - Nutrition Manager

Hashem, Kawther - Campaign Lead & Research Fellow

He, Feng, Unit Co-Lead

Jenner, Katharine - Head of Campaigns

MacGregor, Graham, Unit Co-Lead  

Markandu, Nirmala - Hypertension Nurse 

Pei, Yu - Temporary Research Fellow 

Pombo, Sonia - Campaign Manager (Nutritionist) 

Song, Jing -Postdoctoral Research Fellow  

Tan, Monique - Postdoctoral Research Fellow 

Valero Morales, María Isabel, PhD student 

Wang, Changqiong - Postdoctoral Research Fellow  



Centre Manager - Craig Smith

Wolfson institute of Population Health

Charterhouse Square



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