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School of Languages, Linguistics and Film

Catherine Maguire


PhD Candidate in Hispanic Studies



I am a PhD student in the School of Languages, Linguistics and Film and the Centre for the History of the Emotions. My research sketches a portrait of physical and emotional aspects of motherhood in sixteenth-century Spain. Drawing upon instructional literature, anatomical texts, midwifery handbooks and religious tracts and treatises, my research aims to tease out how motherhood was understood as both a physical and an emotional state for women.

My research is supervised by Dr Elena Carrera and Dr Rosa Vidal Doval and is funded by a Wellcome Trust Grant.



I am teaching the Golden Age Component of the first-year Introduction to Hispanic Studies module in the 2018/19 academic year.


Research Interests:

Motherhood in pre-modern Europe, female sanctity, pre-modern theories of emotions, female religious communities, Marian art and literature in medieval and early modern Europe.

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