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School of Languages, Linguistics and Film

Moving Memories 'Ideas in Motion', a Queen Mary residency at Tate Exchange

11 June 2019 - 16 June 2019

Time: 12:00 - 5:00pm
Speaker: Martina Williams and Emilie Oléron Evans
Venue: Tate Exchange

As part of a one-week residency at Tate Exchange on the topic 'IDEAS IN MOTION: BORDERS, BODIES, AND THE UNIVERSE', Emilie Oléron Evans and Martina Williams will be presenting a series of talks on various artists represented in the Tate collections, around the concept of 'Moving Memories':

‘Moving Memories’ evokes the circulation of representations and interpretations of the past, and the lasting emotions provoked by artworks on an aesthetic and a human level. The journey of art, from its place of creation to the space where it is displayed and shared, sometimes involves difficult trajectories: Why would people risk their lives to displace an artwork and save it from destruction? Is this an expression of ethical openness and hospitality? Where does an artwork belong: In the culture where it originated, in the society that welcomes it?  How do we look at a work of art differently when we realise the journey that led it to be in front of us? How does the accumulated memory that it contains elicit our empathy? These questions will also help us reflect on the part that the circulation of artworks take in the shaping of contemporary discourses on art and culture.

Talks are scheduled at 1.30pm or 1.45pm (check signage on the day), in front of the artworks (the talks on 15th and 16th June take place in Tate Exchange, as these pieces are not on display).

They will be followed each afternoon by a variety of workshops on art and movement, in the 'Moving Memories' stand at Tate Exchange.

Come and join the discussion on Twitter by following @QMovingMemories (#MovingMemories).



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