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School of Economics and Finance

Illia Pasichnichenko


Postdoctoral Researcher

Room Number: GC310


Illia Pasichnichenko is a postdoctoral researcher at Queen Mary University of London, School of Economics and Finance. 

His research is in economic theory, decision theory, experimental and behavioural economics.


Research Interests:

- Economic Theory
- Decision Theory
- Experimental and Behavioural Economics


  • Kops C., Pasichnichenko I. (2023) "Testing Negative Value of Information and Ambiguity Aversion”, Journal of Economic Theory 213: 105730
  • ​​​Eichberger J., Pasichnichenko I. (2021) "Decision-making with Partial Information”, Journal of Economic Theory 198: 105369
  • Ivanenko V., Pasichnichenko I. (2019) "Kolmogorov Consistency Theorem for Nonstochastic Random Processes", Sankhya A 81: 399–405
  • Ivanenko V., Pasichnichenko I. (2017) "Expected Utility for Nonstochastic Risk”, Mathematical Social Sciences 86: 18–22
  • Pasichnichenko I. (2016) "On the Axiomatic Definition of Generalized Maximin Principle”, Cybernetics and Systems Analysis 52(2): 312–318
  • Ivanenko V., Kuts O., Pasichnichenko I. (2014) "Parameterization of the Lottery Model of Nonparametric Decision-making Situation”, Cybernetics and Systems Analysis 50(2): 234–238
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