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School of Economics and Finance

Market Data and Software

Bloomberg Terminals Access

Since early 2020, the School of Economics & Finance has provided its MSc students remote access to Bloomberg terminals in addition to more than 36 terminals in our Trading Lab. Via a personal login account, students are also able to access Bloomberg Market Concept to view a library of e-learning courses that provides an introduction to the financial markets.

Market Data and Software

The School of Economics and Finance also subscribes to a wide range of market and finance data sources that all its MSc students can access. The major market data providers are:

1. Wharton Research Data Services (WRDS) (including Capital IQ Compustat, CRSP and Option Metrics etc)

2. Macrobond

3. Global Financial Data (


The School of Economics and Finance also has licenses of many other major software packages used by econometrics researchers around the world. MSc students are permitted to install this software on their own computers.

1. Stata

2. Matlab

3. Mathematica

4. Scientific Workplace

5. ArcGIS

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