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Zhi Han Lim

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1. What does working as an Analytics Consultant at Accenture look like on a day-to-day basis? What made you choose your current role?

When I was still studying, I often wondered where my career would take me—what kind of job I’d have, where I’d work and how I could make an impact. In my second year in university during my undergraduate, I did an internship with a multi-national corporation (MNC) for an accounting role. While I was working, I found that accounting roles tend to be very procedural. This was when I realized that I wanted something more exciting and challenging, hence, I knew consulting was is the path to choose. I wanted to do work that constantly challenges me and requires me to think outside the box.

Fast forward to today, I’m happy that I found my niche in Accenture since graduating. As part of the Applied Intelligence team in Kuala Lumpur, my role is to help clients to boost their revenue and improve their day-to-day business by leveraging on data analytics and state of the art technology. Applying a wide range of skills such as data mining, data analysis, machine learning and artificial intelligence, I help companies grow amidst the ever-changing digital landscape. Our line of work is forward-looking and innovation-led. We get to collaborate with market-leading companies that are keen to rethink how they engage with their target market and customers.


2. Can you tell me about a key turning point in your career?

In my second year with Accenture, I was assigned to a Digital Transformation project with the largest bank in Thailand for about a year and was stationed in Bangkok. It was indeed a challenge to work in a foreign country away from home but my exposure to multicultural diversity at Queen Mary has helped me to quickly adapt to new environment and make new friends.


3. How did your time studying Banking and Finance at Queen Mary equip you for life after university?

During my Masters course at QMUL, I participated in the East London Business Alliance (ELBA) programme with which Queen Mary has a close connection. I was assigned to job-shadowing stints with Barclays and Nomura and had the opportunity to gain first hand exposure in the financial industry which helped to accelerate my learning curve when I was assigned to projects in with various banks.


4. Why did you choose to undertake an MSc in Banking and Finance? Why did you choose Queen Mary?

After completing my degree in Accounting and Finance, I thought "why not consider pursuing a Masters degree to enhance my opportunities and set myself apart from the crowd". Hence, I decided to opt for banking and finance as it gives me greater flexibility of working in a big four firm, consulting or a financial institution.

I chose Queen Mary as it is a Russell Group university and because of its strategic location within London which is one of the largest financial centres in the world.


5. What’s a piece of advice which changed your perspective?

My dad always emphasizes that learning does not end after you graduate. We need to always be reshaping our thoughts and to continue to learn new things in this fast -changing world where new technologies are being reinvented and new discoveries are being made. It is important that we continuously upskill and reskill ourselves to survive in this digital era.


6. What advice would you give a current student or recent graduate considering their career options?

Spend time to get to know yourself, your strengths and motivations. Tune out the expectations of others. Keep on learning, not only in the technical sense, but also in how you work with others, how to manage expectations and how to understand other’s motivations and concerns. Refine your skills and practice again. The moment you get to where you want to get is when you need to start again.


7. What was the most memorable thing about your time at Queen Mary?

What excites me about QMUL is that I had the opportunity to mix with a rich diversity of international students from various countries and which helped me to develop multicultural appreciation and skills. Another positive experience was that the lecturers and tutors were helpful especially when I reached out to them after lectures for help on subjects that I need further clarification. In addition, some of the lecturers were working professionals from the banking industry and were able to share their real life experience with us which makes us look forward to the lectures.


8. Do you have any role models that you look up to, in or out of your field?

My parents are my role models who I really look up to and respect whole heartedly. They not only play a significant role in my personal development, but also, my mental, physical, social, financial and career development. My parents have always ensured that I have the best education and supported me throughout any challenges that I face in my live. Not only have they been mentors, advisors and coaches, but more importantly trusted friends who are always ready to support me in my life endeavors.


This profile was conducted by Alumni Engagement Coordinator, Hannah. If you would like to get in touch with Zhi or engage her in your work, please contact Hannah Dormor.

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