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School of Economics and Finance

Welcome from Head of School

Becoming a part of the SEF experience...

The Graduate Centre at Queen Mary University of LondonOn behalf of everyone at the School of Economics and Finance, I would like to welcome you to Queen Mary University and look forward to meeting you during your induction.

As part of a Russell Group University, the school has a great reputation for academic excellence and prides itself on providing excellent student support. We are committed to providing our students of all nationalities an empowering learning environment, united by the common goal of academic excellence. As a school with such a distinguished history, we are understandably proud of what we call 'The SEF Experience'.

Diverse and Vibrant Community

You join a diverse and vibrant community of faculty and students, with academic staff from more than fifteen countries and three-quarters of students from abroad. The school is home to more than 45 research-active faculty, who are recognised leaders in their field, a vibrant community of PhD students and just over 2000 students across our diverse portfolio of programmes. More information will be shared in your induction pack, which is full of useful information and we'll take good care of you as you get to know your team and the wider school community.

Social Mobility

This is also a great opportunity to mention a recent report by the Institute for Fiscal Studies in collaboration with the Sutton Trust and the Department of Education ranks Economics at SEF as the top for social mobility in economics in England, top for social mobility in non-STEM/Nursing courses in England, and 4th most socially mobile course in England (it is the 3rd most socially mobile course at Queen Mary after Computing and Maths). This achievement is an outcome of a collective effort made by all of us at the school to aspire to the founders’ vision of “opening the doors of opportunity” and why your contributions will be much valued.

I have much more to share with you, including several exciting new initiatives at the school, but I will leave this for your formal induction. So, let me conclude by thanking you for choosing to pursue your career with the school of Economics and Finance at Queen Mary University.

Professor Jason Sturgess

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